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I'm flosssayyy

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1I'm flosssayyy Empty I'm flosssayyy on Sun Dec 06, 2009 9:11 pm

1. First Name: Chaz Michael Michals
2. Nick Name: The Lone Wolf
3. Age: I'm 17, well, 18 in like... December..
4. Gender: Male
5. Favorite Color: Turquiose
6. Favorite Show: Muscle Car TV
7. Favorite Food: Papaya
8. Likes & Dislikes: I like unicorns, fast food and generally most natural/organic products. I dislike CFCs and all petroleum products, including but not limited to; Vaseline, Luberiderm, Nivian, Jergens, and all the generics.
9. Ninja or Pirate; Absolutely Ninja
Das whas up

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