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Happy Valetine's Day

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1Happy Valetine's Day Empty Happy Valetine's Day on Fri Feb 12, 2010 9:49 pm

Happy Valentine's Day peoples!!! I've decided to give everybody a piece of advice as my Valentine's Day gift!

Guys (and Ladies Wink): If your girl says she doesn't want anything for Valentine's day, then there are two options.
Option A: they hate the commercialization of the whole thing, and really don't want anything.

I highly doubt that.

Option B: THIS IS A TEST!!!!! Do NOT, under ANY circumstances, fall for this trap!!! They really do want something, and if you don't get them anything, then they'll feel like you're upset with them or something. This will make you both miserable and nobody wants that.

Now, for the Ladies (yes, guys too.): If your guy says he doesn't need anything for Valentines Day, then he's probably telling the truth. Our main goal in life is to please you. Most of us are content to see your smiling face. However, like the rest of humanity, we do enjoy receiving trinkets that show you're thinking about us.

Now comes the difficult part: What DO you get them?

Don't ask them what they want for V-day, because this is, once again, a trick. They will NEVER tell you the truth. Doesn't matter if they're male or female, the gift is the part that nobody will tell the truth about.

Here's how you pick the perfect gift. You know what they like, right? If they are into something like painting, then give them some new brushes or something and offer to model for them. They into Video games? Then get a game that you can play TOGETHER. This is the key part. No matter what the gift is, try and work it so it involves you two spending more time together.

Unable to find something to buy them, or just flat broke as most College Students are? Here's the best gift you can ever get them: Coupons. No, not the kind for the grocery store, ones you make yourself. What should they say? How about "This entitles you to one home cooked meal" or, my personal favorite, "One free Massage (Oil is optional)". Trust me, unless your Valentine is a gold digger, they will appreciate this more then jewelery... well... almost Wink.

Thinking of taking your date out to dinner? Dress nicely please. However, guys, do NOT upstage your girls. She is the gem, you are the band that holds her to be seen. Dress nicely, but don't overdo it.

Finally: Valentine's Day cards. DON'T BUY THEM!!! Not that I'm against the greeting card industry, but they just don't say what you want them too. For example, Get well soon? F*** that, Get well now! You see? Show some creativity and MAKE a card. Yes, I realize this takes time, but that's the part that really matters.

Don't believe me? Well think about it for a moment if you will. One person hands you a card they obviously spent all of two minutes picking out in the Hallmark Isle. Another person hands you a handmade card with glitter, frills, the works. This card must have taken a couple hours to make.

The true test? Which card earns the biggest hug Wink.

So, to wrap it up, Get them a gift, even if it's just a coupon offering a free kiss, don't upstage your date, and make their card. Remember these three rules and you'll have a VERY Happy Valentine's Day.

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2Happy Valetine's Day Empty Re: Happy Valetine's Day on Sat Feb 13, 2010 12:17 am


Love these rules!! Found this amazing video about Valentine's Day!

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