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Life's Pleasures is a place where you just live and do what makes life pleasurable: blogging, drawing, role playing, writing, etc.

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Rules of the Website

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1Rules of the Website Empty Rules of the Website on Sun Dec 06, 2009 3:14 am


Hello! Welcome to Life's Pleasures! Hope you're enjoying your stay. geek

Okay, okay, enough of the jokes, here are the rules of the website:

Rule #1 Never disrespect another user; you should always have respect for your equals (including me, just because I am the Admin does not give me some sort of God mode.)
Rule #2 Please, Please, Please, PLEASE spell check! Having miss spelled words everywhere looks awful and just... gives most people (including me) a headache.
Rule #3 Don't bring drama into the website... unless it's in your blog. study
Rule #4 I'm not going to say NO cursing, but please keep it to a minimum. Censoring will take place on a few curse words as to enforce this rule.
Rule #5 If you have a problem with a user do not show this on a forum/topic/etc. Take it to a Personal Message.

That's it! Not too bad, huh? I hope you all have a great time on Life's Pleasures!

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