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I have arrived!

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1I have arrived! Empty I have arrived! on Sun Dec 06, 2009 9:08 am

All bow before me! I am the all mighty and totally awesome immortal known as ME!!!

Thinks to know about me:
1. The name's Tyler, Xi, or (for you noobs) "Please spare me oh powerful one".
2. I will one day rule this pathetic rock we call Earth so don't anger me.
3. The admin is one of my bestest best buddies in the entire world!!!
4. I'm going to Culinary School and will eventually open a strip club. Yes it's a strange combination but trust me, it's gonna be epic.
5. I'm generally pretty laid back but if you p*** me of, I'll repeatedly beat you upside the head with a frozen King Salmon until you beg forgiveness... which I most likely won't give considering you made me that angry in the first place.

If there's anything else you wish to know, ask nicely and I may reveal my many secrets.

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2I have arrived! Empty Re: I have arrived! on Mon Dec 07, 2009 3:39 am


Do the quiz thing that's in the Rules of the Website forum, Smile

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3I have arrived! Empty Re: I have arrived! on Mon Dec 07, 2009 8:30 am

Picky picky picky Razz

1. Tyler
2. Xi or Supreme Overlord
3. 19
4. Male
5. Blue, black, red, and green
6. Mythbusters or Good Eats
7. Mashed Potatos
8. Likes: food, internets, computers, technology, books, music, world travel, powerful engines, electricity, fire and explosives.
Dislikes: Self righteous bastards, computer glitches, idiots, high pitch sounds, loud people, bad smells, most rap songs, and did I mention stupid people?
9. Pirate
10. There once was a man from Nantucket... Very Happy

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