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1Dejavuu's Blog! Empty Dejavuu's Blog! on Fri Dec 11, 2009 8:34 pm

Oh blogging. What a wonderful thing it turned out to be, an internet craze. This is my first time, so I hope you'll be gentle. I find the fact that the color of the "what you're typing font" is gray, on a gray background. It makes it ridiculously hard to see. I feel sorry for those that have to try to read this and are blind as a bat. Hmmm, lets delve into the deeper side of my blogging. Which reminds me, what is with girls wanting attention from the internet. This modelmayham or whatever, pisses me off. Like girls need to be judged by the ruthless internet anyways, they' all see to have low self esteem as it is. Plus you get the geeks that you'll never ever meet they talk like they have a goddamn communist army behind every word they say. I've got problems with the internet, several. I don't really know what else to post about, because if I did what was really on my mind, i'd get some heat. Posting sh*t about relationships is rather stupid if you ask me, Yeah, lets let the whole fuckin world know about what is going on, or what you look like in this outfit or that outfit. Thing is; You shouldn't trust anyone you met on the internet; its just stupid. Especially if you're young, say 13-17! Agh, its so stupid. Can't believe em.

Anyways! I felt that was a pretty good blogging.

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2Dejavuu's Blog! Empty Re: Dejavuu's Blog! on Thu Jan 28, 2010 9:30 am

WEll its a wednesday night and i'm driunl. so just excuse the spelling. it should be better from here on now that i'm looking atthe ckeyboard. Nope, nevermind, as I look up i see that its stiill terrbile. Anyways, I hust thought i'd talk about how much i love Airhead. Shes Racin by the way, if you didnt know, and ma girlfirne,d whom i love very much. Watch this, my grammar will become perfect, cuz i'm a grammar pirate. So, anyways, today was a good day, i was very pleased with it, I spend a total of almost 6 hrs with Racin this evening, Not a record but I loved it all. ......So..

Ahmmmm, I dont know what else to talk about, besides the fact that I love Racin, so vurry much. haha, vurry. Anywho, love that girl, and.. a standard coke can contains 12oz of coke.. not that white b*

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3Dejavuu's Blog! Empty Re: Dejavuu's Blog! on Fri Feb 05, 2010 12:22 pm

Ohhhh boy. Its just past 3 am, and of course I can't sleep. Technically its Crystal's birthday....Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyy!!!....I wasn't invited Sad Oh well..Anyways! So lately I've been bothered about this girl, my friends girlfriend actually. Shes young..17? And she acts like shes half of that. Apparently she has nerve damage in her hand from texting? I said something like "I think you mean tendon damage, carpal tunnel or something" to which she replied in her f*ck*ng snobby ass tone "actually it was nerve damage, okay? thanks." so, I nicely said, but with a flick of attitude back "Whos taken highschool AND college level human anatomy and physiology? Me, so I think I know what I'm talking about" and she says "well I think they graduated from college so i'm pretty sure you're wrong". Well excuse me ms fuckin b*tch, but I'm pretty confident i'm correct, and google supports me with not ONE f*ck*ng NERVE DAMAGE FROM TEXTING. b*tch. Yeah, I mean damn.. She pisses me off. With the texting sending 20,000 texts in a month and the rest of america texting, and shes the only person with nerrrrve damage. Lets see what else she can say to scream for attention.. "I have cancer, I have diabetes, I have to get surgeries, I have a bad heart" sh*t, wouldn't we see EVIDENCE of ANY of this? Maybe I'm just a crazy asshole, but never the less. Shes a snobby, immature, c*nt! Ha! Yeah, thats right, I said it, c*nt. C-U-N-T CUUUUUNNNNNTTTT!!

1. cunt
Derogatory term for a woman. Considered by many to be the most offensive word in the English language.

Yeah, I guess that about sums it up. Oh, and I have banana cake here, its good. cheers

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4Dejavuu's Blog! Empty Re: Dejavuu's Blog! on Sun Feb 07, 2010 4:33 am


Wow, that girl does NOT know what she's talking about. Ugh! I would've slapped a hoe!

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