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File Name: Havok

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1File Name: Havok Empty File Name: Havok on Thu Jan 07, 2010 11:02 am

This is a Pokegirl story. It's like Pokemon, except the monsters are all super-powered woman that need to be tamed on a regular basis or they go feral.

Translation: A world full of super powered babes that need to have their brains fucked out or they go insane.

This story contains: Sex, more sex, violence, sex, blood, sex, death, alcohol use, sex, foul language, homosexuality, drug use, sex, lots of nudity, EXTREMELY GRAPHIC AND KINKY SEX, and worst of all, gratuitous amounts of sarcasm.

If you are allergic to any of these, then FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! GET OUT NOW! QUICKLY BEFORE IT CORRUPTS YOUR PATHETIC SOUL! Either that or see a medical professional because you are probably insane.

Anywho,nobody ever reads these so I might as well put this in to cover my ass: If you are under the age of 18, yadda yadda you know the drill. ON TO THE SHOW!!!

((Before you ask, yes there can be female tamers, but since that would result in lesbianism, there are understandably fewer female tamers then male. If you have comments then send me a PM on here, or in the event of questions, consult the Pokegirl websites at Angelfire,, or The Pokecenter. These are where I get all my information and have my questions answered.))

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2File Name: Havok Empty Re: File Name: Havok on Thu Jan 07, 2010 11:04 am

Chapter 1: The Story Begins

“Kara, we've been friends since the fourth grade, but this is the third time this month I've seen Trance thanks to one of your pranks. Quite frankly, I'm sick of it. Make sure it doesn't happen again or I'll send you through a level 5 taming cycle,” the Nursejoy, stepping back from the black haired male, stated with a small frown as she glared at the girl in a lime-green and bright orange spotted, purple jumpsuit.

"C'mon Aurora, lighten up. It was all in the name of fun,” Trance spoke calmly as he looked up from his friend's chest to see the Joy's eyes, “Besides, aren't you the one who got us to hook up in the first place? If I didn't know any better, I'd say you got us together just so her pranks would injure me and you'd get to see more of me.” He finished with a wink before standing up and giving the now red faced Nursejoy a quick kiss on the cheek. “Now if you'll excuse us, I need to get back to work. Thanks for fixing my wrist.... again.”

15:34 June 14th 312 AS, New Bark Town Pokecenter

Trance Havok, along with his ever bubbly Trixie, Kara, stepped outside New Bark Town's pokecenter/hospital into the overly bright afternoon sun. "I really am sorry I broke your wrist again Trance, but how was I supposed to know there was a Kangascunt's pokeball in the crate?" she said with an innocent shrug of her shoulders and gave her master a kiss on the neck in hopes that he'd forgive her.

Trance sighed and slid on the pair of sunglasses he had pulled from the pocket of his black jeans. "You've been getting too wild with your pranks lately dear. Try to dial it back and target someone else for a change, okay? I may have the Recovery Blood Gift but that doesn't mean broken bones hurt any less at first." He massaged his wrist where only a few minutes earlier he had two broken bones and a lot of swelling.

"Yes sir," Kara said slightly saddened as she tried to figure out who else she could prank since her favorite person in the world didn't want to play anymore. She could always try to get Trance's mother, Marla, but the thought of what the Amachamp would do to her caused her to shiver and shake the idea from her mind. When that Pokewoman got upset, nobody within three blocks was happy.

Then there was Arlyx. Kara wiped that thought from her mind almost before the full realization of what she was thinking hit her. If there was one thing that scared her more then Trance's Amachamp birth mother, it was the thought of having to go through another of the excessively violent Mistress's 'training sessions' as she called them. Kara shivered hard. No wonder Trance's father had made Arlyx the Alpha. Kara hadn't been able to leave her bed for two days after that, and had learned a very valuable lesson to boot. If you're going to try the ever popular (not to mention ancient) banana peel routine, make sure the target doesn't know 'Chained Pleasure'.

Trance, upon noticing his mate's, frown slapped the Trixie's ass playfully causing her to yelp and give him a look. "Let's hurry back to the shop. The sooner we get done with unloading that last shipment, the sooner we can finish training, which means that much more time to enjoy our post workout soak," he said with a wicked grin.

The thought of the impending taming that caused another shiver to run the course of her nervous system. However, instead of the one of terror the pissed off Marla gave her, this was one of pure lust. The two had been teamed up for almost three years, having come to the agreement that as soon as Trance got his Tamer license she would be his starter. Even with the fact that they had been paired up for so long, each night they spent entangled in a mass of sweat and limbs still managed to blow the Trixie's tricky mind.

The sight of his Trixie now sprinting off towards the shop at full speed made Trance laugh and thank the gods for his gifts. Blood gifts to be exact. More specifically his gifts of Recovery and Endurance, which enabled him to match, and occasionally even surpass, the libido of the goofy girl now about half a block ahead of him. "Hey, wait up! You don't have the key!" he yelled as he snapped out of his slight day dream, bolting to catch up with his brightly dressed one girl harem.

17:00 June 14th 312 AS, Havok Residence - Underground Dojo

Trance charged the Amachamp in front of him who decided to swung two of her large fists directly at his head. Trance saw this coming however and jumped in the air doing a full front flip and bringing one foot down across the back of the woman's head. "Enough!" she yelled as she stumbled forward a couple steps, slightly dazed from the blow. "Either I am getting older then I thought I was, or you've been training in your off time. That was one helluva kick," Marla said as she shook the spots from her vision and turned to her son, both bowing simultaneously. "We'll call it quits for the day. You two go get washed up. Dinner will be in one hour so either be quick, or wait till after dinner for your dessert," she finished with a wink in Kara's direction, causing the exhausted girl to blush profusely, which is quite the feat when you happen to be wearing a rather thick layer of snow white makeup.

Trance chuckled and kissed his 'girl on the cheek before leading her upstairs to the bathroom.


"Ya know, I think you may really be improving your technique," Trance said as he turned on the faucet of the tub and tested the temperature of the water now flowing from the spout.

Kara giggled as she washed her makeup off in the sink. Sweat never really reacted well with her fashion statements no matter how waterproof the brand she happened to be wearing claimed to be. "I better be with as often as your mother kicks my ass," she stated bluntly before she was wrapped up in her tamer's arms, causing her to release a squeak of surprise.

Trance spun the girl in place and crushed their lips together hard, his tongue slithering past the stunned girl's lips to begin a battle for supremacy. The kiss caused fireworks to go off in the back of the Trixie's mind as the young male pulled away from her leaving her to attempt to regain her now missing sense of balance. "Good point, although you're missing one crucial fact," the black haired tamer stated with a grin as he took a few steps backwards into the middle of the family's large bathroom.

"Oh yeah? And what would that be?" the Tixie asked as she slid her purple shorts off leaving her in a lime green thong and matching tank top that accentuated her surprisingly large C cup breasts.

"You're forgetting the fact that I'm usually the one who hands your ass to you on a daily basis," Trance stated with a wink before having to duck a well aimed hairbrush, lobbed by his pink faced pokegirl. "I'm joking!" he said quickly as he caught the equally well aimed tube of tooth paste in mid flight before the fuming pokegirl could grab something else to chuck at him.

The Trixie turned away from the young man and crossed her arm in front of her plush chest.

Trance sighed and closed the distance between him and Kara, wrapping his arms around the girl, giving her a kiss on the neck. "You know, for a Jester, you don't have a very good sense of humor," he said softly and nuzzled the 'girl's neck.

Trance slid his hands to the hem of Kara's workout shirt and pulled it over her head then went back and slid her thong off. Kara turned and stood in her natural pokegirl glory, the small triangular black markings below her orange eyes and her long, bright blue hair being the only things that could be used to distinguish her from a normal human girl.

"I think I have a great sense of humor, except when the jokes are aimed at me," the Trixie pouted before her tamer set off another volley of fireworks with another crushing kiss.

"Calm down and let's hop in the tub. Dinner's gonna be ready soon and I intend to finish before mom breaks the door down and drags us downstairs naked. You know how much she hates it when we make everyone wait." Trance said as he picked up the soft skinned female and carried her to the bathtub, gently setting her in the steaming water before pulling his workout attire off and sliding in as well. He sighed as his muscles soaked up the heat quickly, releasing any knots that had formed during the day.

Kara slid between the male's legs and rested her body against his toned chest. His physique made it easy to tell his mother was a fighting type. 'Built like an Amachop,' the Trixie mused as her thoughts began to wander.

Trance slowly ran his arms over the girl's smooth skin before sliding from her arms to her breasts then down to her completely smooth pussy where a finger probed gently, elicting a loud moan from the pokegirl. "I told you I wanted to finish before dinner," he said with a grin as he flicked his powerful digit across Kara's clit, bringing forth another long moan.

Trance played with her for a few more minutes before sliding around her arms so he was in front of her with her back against the edge of the tub. They kissed deeply before Trance began licking and nibbling down her front, pausing only at her breasts before continuing on below the surface of the water.

Kara watched the tamer's head disappear into the small waves before arching her back in ecstasy. "Oooh yesss," she hissed as the male's tongue slithered between her lips into her heat. Yeah, this was definitely going to be an amazing bath.

19:23 June 14th 312 AS, Havok residence - On the Roof

Trance leaned against the Chimney and sighed. He adjusted his shades and looked over the trees towards the nearby lake where he could see the sun just beginning to set. Kara was laying on his lap, asleep and breathing deeply. He pulled a sheet of wrinkled paper from his pocket and read over it for about the millionth time.

"Here you go Trance." Aurora said with a bright smile on her face. Trance had just gotten his Tamer's license and, even though she had only just begun working at the center a couple months ago, she had been allowed to run his blood test since she was quite adept at running the machines already.

"Thanks," Trance said as took the list of Blood Gifts. "Let's see, let's start with the bad news first," he stated as Aurora pulled up a chair so he could read off the list for her. "Blood Curses: Rebel."

"Big shocker there," the Nursejoy said with a giggle. Her friend had always been a trouble maker when it came to teachers, though it seemed to have mellowed out since his mother started training him to fight to burn off his excess energy.

Trance chuckled. "Well so far it doesn't sound too bad. Now for the Good news." He scanned the list before speaking again. "Blood Gifts: Enhanced Senses of sight, hearing, smell and, taste." He looked up for a moment. "That explains why I enjoy being around you so much. You've always smelled really sweet."

Aurora instantaneously turned bright red at the sudden compliment. "Oh shut it. J-just get back to the list," the young pokenurse stuttered slightly as she turned her head away from the male who was laughing at her new coloring.

"Next we have an award winning line up. Both Endurance and Recovery. That explains how I've always been able to drive everyone I've ever met up the walls without even trying," he said and paused for a moment when he saw the last item on the list.

"So is that it?" Aurora asked with a gentle smile as she turned back to her friend.

"Nope," said Trance with a wide grin. "Last on the list, Longevity. That means thanks to my dad, I'm gonna live another 600 years," said the young tamer who was now baring his slightly sharpened canines.


Trance re-read the last line of the list. He had drawn an arrow from the last line to just under the line that read 'Rebel'. He put the paper away and sighed once more at the memory. "600 years," he stated softly so he wouldn't wake up the sleeping Trixie, "who said longevity is a gift?" he said as he stroked the pokegirl's cheek.

07:20 June 15th 312 AS, Havok Residence - Dining Room

Kara sleepily sat down at the table and laid her head on her plate. If there's one thing she hated, it was mornings.

"Good morning dear," chirped Arlyx as she brought in a couple of large platters of pancakes, one platter of eggs, as well as one that was piled high with various meats. The Trixie merely grunted in acknowledgement as Marla and Trance's father, Jayden, both walked in from the kitchen and sat at their respective seats across from the nearly unconscious pokegirl.

"Long night?" Jayden asked Kara with a lecherous grin just as his son walked around the corner, tightening his belt.

"Ha ha Dad," Trance said sarcastically as he sat down across from his father. "You're one to talk. With you three always going at it, it's utterly astounding that anybody can ever get any sleep in this house."

"No kidding," stated a 14 year-old girl who had just entered the room, followed by a Kitten that looked almost as dazed as Kara... until she saw the meat that is. "We've been begging you to sound-proof your room for ever," the black haired girl stated as she took her seat.

Arlyx gave the girl a kiss on the top of her head as she passed by to reach her seat opposite her daughter. "Sorry Skarla, but with as much as we spend on food thanks to your pet," she started with a smile as she nodded in the direction of the Kitten who was devouring a piece of fish, "It's amazing we can afford anything else, mush less sound-proofing."

Skarla shrugged and scratched the feline pokegirl behind the ears. "I know, I'm just saying keep it down so we can at least try to maintain SOME semblance of sanity and don't become sleep deprived Zombabes," the girl said and moved a few pancake to her plate. The Kitten nodded vigorously and grabbed another piece of fish as her tail waved behind her happily.

Trance sighed and shook his head as he lifted his Kara's head and slid a few pancakes underneath before letting her head fall back on top of the now padded sleeping place. "So it's been over 2 months since we got you Terra for your birthday," he said as he slid food off the platters onto his own plate, "have you taught her how to talk yet?"

Skarla shook her head. "I used the T2 you got for me and I know she understands us, but the only time she ever says anything is when me and her are alone and she decides to mock one of them when she hears them through the wall," the girl stated as she pointed towards their mothers who both blushed causing both Trance and Jayden to have to hold back fits laughter for threat of injury. "Other then that though, she mimes everything and makes a bunch of cute noises when we..."

"Great food mom,"Trance said cutting his sister off mid sentence. She may have been brilliant for her age, but she had a really bad habit of talking before thinking.

Now it was Arlyx's turn to giggle. "I guess she just doesn't want to talk, though we now have a valid need to buy some soundproofing," the Mistress said with a wink in the direction of her spouses.

"You mean a need other then our desperae desire to get some sleep?"Skarla asked before biting into a strip of bacon.

Trance swallowed an egg nearly hole and set down his fork. "Fat lot of good it does me now," he said with a hint of amusement as his Trixie stared slightly confused at the pancakes she had just woken up off of.

"And why might that be dear?" Marla asked after swallowing a bite of pancake.

"Because Kara and I are Leaving on our adventure in two weeks," he stated bluntly before he put a piece of meat in his mouth. This little tidbit of information shocked everyone at the table except for Kara who had decided against trying to figure out the sudden appearance of the pancakes on her 'pillow', and opted rather to enjoy the meal.

"Already? I thought you were going to try and make 2 million credits before you left, and that wouldn't be until next year some time," Marla asked, obviously slightly sad to hear her baby and favorite sparing partner was going to be leaving so soon.

Trance nodded. "That was the plan but, do you remember about 3 months ago when that odd old guy came through here?" he asked his father who was observing his family's reaction to this news.

Jayden nodded slowly as he thought back. "I believe his name was Helix, correct?"

Trance nodded and swallowed a bite of pancake, "That's him. Well, when he was here, he asked me when I was heading out...."


"So when are you leaving this place?" Helix asked as Trance accompanied him to the store. Helix had been staying in the spare room at the Havok's house and as payment was going to restock the fridge since they wouldn't allow him to pay rent.

Trance shrugged and watched a cloud float by. "As soon as I get enough money to make sure that no matter what may come, I'll be able to take care of my team."

"Hmm," Helix said as they reached the store.

On the way back to the house Helix spoke suddenly after not having said much since entering the store. "I wish to fund your expedition," he said flatly leaving very little room for the stunned Trance to argue.

"You what? Why would you want to do that?" the young tamer asked slightly puzzled.

Helix turned to look at Trance. "Because I believe every young man should have a chance to do great things with his life, and I sense you will end up doing some VERY great things in your life time," the white haired man said with a slight twinkle in his eye.

Trance was so stunned that he didn't know what to say.

"However there is one condition to this bargain," Helix said as he turned back to the road.

"And what's that?" the tamer asked obviously interested in what the man had to say.

"The condition is that you send me a status report at every opportunity you get so I can keep tabs on you," Helix said with a hint of amusement in his old voice.

Trance was silent for a moment before he looked to the man, grinned, and stuck out his hand. "Deal."


"So we've been talking since he reached his home and he sent the money to my account about a week ago," Trance finished as his parents and sister stared at him in awe.

Suddenly Marla stood up and rushed over to hug her son. "My baby's gonna be a real tamer!" she said as she started to cry.

Jayden simply sat back in his chair and thought for a moment. Trance watched his father for a moment before returning the hug his excitable mother was attempting to crush him with. It he knew his father, he was planning something.

17:30 June 19th 312 AS, New Bark Town - Town Square

The news of his leaving had traveled fast. By the end of the next day, everybody who cared, along with most people who didn't, had heard the news that Trance was leaving on his adventure. A tamer leaving on a journey wasn't normally a very important matter, but when the news of his leaving came a year earlier then everybody was expecting, it tended to get the attention of just about the entire town.

"I really don't see what the big deal is," Trance sighed as he walked into the afternoon sunlight. Work had been pretty tiring and he really didn't feel like training today.

Kara skipped along beside her tamer. She was listening to a music player Trance had gotten her on the third anniversary of their teaming up with her feet moving to the beat of an especially peppy song. "It's because they all like you. They're just sad to see you go," she stated and did a small twirl before skipping forward to catch up to the male.

Trance shook his head as he remembered his mother nearly crushing his ribs a few days previous. "I know that but it should be old news by now. It's not like I'm the only person leaving to become a tamer."

The Trixie shrugged as her head began rocking with the beat when the songs switched. "People are weird, simple as that."

Trance chuckled at the all too true statement and stretched his sore shoulder.

The pair reached the house within short order and opened the door to find the entire building dead silent. "Where is everyone?" Trance asked as Kara turned off her music and looked around inside the living room.

"Beats me. They usually tell you when they lea-" the Trixie's words were cut off with a slight choking sound.

"Kara?" Trance asked as he turned around to see where his alpha had disappeared to. 'sh*t," he thought as he slowly moved towards the entryway to the living room. He sniffed the air lightly to attempt to catch any scents that were out of the ordinary but couldn't smell anything but his family's odors. "Kara, this isn't funny," he stated at his foot hit the carpet. Suddenly, a thick rope shot out of nowhere and pulled him into the dark. Trance attempted to break free but was quickly pinned to the wall with a pair of fangs grazing his neck.

'I haven't even left the house yet and I'm already going to be eaten alive,' he thought as he tried to reach into his pocket for the knife which resided within, but was unable to move thanks to the stickiness of the web that had him trapped.

The 'girl that had him stuck to the wall slid up to his ear and blew a hot puff of air into the sensitive body part. "Surprise Trance," the girl whispered sensually.

Trance stopped struggling. 'I know that voice,' he thought only a moment before the entire room light up, temporarily blinding the tamer.

"Surprise!" yelled a large group of people, his family included with Kara standing next to Arlyx with a wide smile on her face at having successfully pulled off the prank.

Trance smiled when he looked to his left and noticed Mary, the Spidergirl who Trance and Kara had worked alongside at the shop for the last couple years, ever since the owner purchased her from a tamer that was passing through from another league. "Mind letting me down?" he asked the girl upon remembering he was stuck to the wall about half a foot off the ground.

Mary giggled and kissed the tamer's cheek. "I dunno, I kinda like you better this way," she cooed causing the Trixie across the room to growl which just caused the Spidergirl to giggle again before cutting the web. "I was only kidding," she said as Trance landed softly next to her and stretched his shoulder out once more.

"Well enough of this goofiness," Jayden said stepping away from the group and walking over to the stereo mounted in the wall, "Let's get this party started!"

The mob cheered and Kara ran over to hug her tamer, planting a kiss on his lips. "This was your mother's idea, I just helped plan it," she whispered in his ear.

Trance looked up to see Marla currently dancing with Arlyx, looking quite happy, however Trance could see the sadness behind the facade.

Kara looked at the older females before sighing. Trance was entirely often far too deep for his own good. 'He gets that from his mother,' she thought and licked Trance's cheek. "C'mon 'master'," the Trixie said mockingly with a smirk, "This is your party, so let's boogey!"

22:00 June 19th 312 AS, Havok Residence - Roof

Trance leaned against the chimney. He had decided to retreat from the party, which was still in full swing, in attempt to clear his mind a bit, as well as allowing his ears to stop ringing. He had received many presents. Everything from hanks of rope, to antidotes, to pokeballs of all different types. He was currently looking through the silver and black pokedex his parents had bought him seeing what features it had. So far he had found an inventory list, GPS mapping system, email, journal entry mode, and video capabilities, as well as a fully updated Pokegirl list.

"They had to get me the latest model," the young male sighed upon realizing how much it had to have cost.

"They want to make sure you're as prepared as you can be when you go play with all those mean girls in the wild," Kara said as she stepped around the chimney. She sat down next to her tamer and laid her head on his shoulder. "They really don't want to see you leave."

Trance rested his chin on the girl's head. "I know, but I wish they would have just gotten me a normal one. They shouldn't have spent this much money."

The Trixie shook her head and giggled. "You really need to learn to just accept gifts when they're given to you. Some people are genuinely nice people and only want the best for you," she stated the sat up. "Speaking of which," she said as she slid a hand into one of the pockets on the sweater she had swiped from Trance's closet and pulled out a square box, about 3" on all sides, "I was asked to give this to you just before you disappeared."

Trance looked at the box curiously before opening it. A beam of white light shot out of it and formed into the shape of a Nursejoy.

As soon as the 'girl had solidified, the female swung her hand and slapped Trance hard across the cheek, leaving a bright red hand print. "That's for not telling me sooner," Aurora said angrily as Trance looked inside the box, slightly stunned, and saw his friend's pokeball inside. "I'm coming with you," the Nursejoy said as she knelt in front of her oldest friend and rubbed his cheek, using her powers to heal the tamer.

Trance snapped out of his dazed state and grinned up at Aurora. "I couldn't tell you before. You're a bigger blabber mouth then my mom is," he said as he pulled the ball from the box, shrunk it, and rolled it around in his hand.

The girl's expression softened more as she started to giggle, which in turn caused both Trance and Kara to start laughing.

"I don't have a choice in the matter, do I," he asked as the trio's laughter died down.

Aurora shook her head. "Nope. With your propensity for getting hurt, I figure you're going to need all the help you can get."

Kara giggled again before leaping from the roof and tackling her friend who began laughing as well. Trance opened his pokedex and typed something inside as the girls continued wrestling.

As he put the pokedex away, he stood up and turned towards the edge of the roof. "You ladies going to join me when I tell everyone the news?" he asked, snapping the pair out of their match and instead prompted them to race after the tamer who had just swung in through his bedroom window and was already on his way put the door.

18:30 June 26th 312 AS, Forest's edge

Trance adjusted the straps on his pack before checking through his inventory for about the hundredth time since he had packed the surprisingly light piece of equipment. "Ready to go girls?" the male asked his harem, who were saying their final goodbyes to their friends.

Kara and Aurora hurried to the male's side and waved goodbye to the others. "All ready," Kara said and gave Trance a kiss.

"Okay then. Kara's going to have first watch till we reach the resting point," Trance said as he pulled out Aurora's pokeball. The Nursejoy nodded kissed the male firmly on the lips before she tapped her own ball and disappeared in a flash of red light. The tamer put his nurse's ball back on his belt and readjusted his black fingerless Kevlar gloves.

Arlyx stepped in front of the pair with a gleam in her eyes. "On your mark," she said prompting both tamer and pokegirl to prepare for an impromptu race, "Get set," the Mistress held two lengths of chain, one in either hand in preparation for getting their travels underway, "Call us as soon as you make it to Cherry Grove!" she yelled before snapping her arms hard causing the two chains to snap in the air like the whips she used them for. "GO!"

Kara and Trance bolted past the Pokewoman at top speed, Kara's slightly baggy jumpsuit catching oncoming wind and flapping behind her as she pulled slightly ahead of her tamer, and Trance's unbuttoned black dress shirt flying behind the charging tamer as if it were a cape. The pair ran hard to see which could out run the other as their parents watched in amusement as they sprinted down the path to their future.

Marla walked over to her husband and leaned in so her lips were mere inches from the man's. "They look like us when we were young," she said as she nuzzled his neck.

Jayden chuckled. "Yeah except that he's more ready for this then I ever was, especially with those weapons of his," he stated as he wrapped an arm around his once starter and only pokegirl. "Plus, I believe I had a bit more color in my wardrobe," he said and pulled the 'woman closer to him.

"I don't believe camouflage counts as color dear," Arlyx stated as she walked over to her spouses and former battle partner.

Jayden sighed and shook his head, his mouth still curved into a smile. "None the less, I can tell our son's gonna do great things," he stated as the duo disappeared over the hills, off on the adventure of a lifetime.

End Chapter 1

Bios and Tamer Status

Trance Havok - 19 y.o. Tamer with long black hair usually pulled back into a low ponytail to keep it out of his face. Has a bad habit of getting in trouble when unable to burn off excess energy thanks to his 'Rebel' Blood Curse along with his Endurance and Recovery Blood Gifts. Prefers dark clothing and is always ready for a good fight.

Trance's Harem:

Kara - Trixie (Alpha): Has been friends with Trance and Aurora ever since her and her family moved to New Bark Town about 2 years prior to her threshold. Teamed up with Trance as his first pokegirl the day after Trance received his tamer license.

Aurora - Nursejoy: Friends since they were little, Trance and Aurora had always been close. When Kara moved to town, the three became an inseparable trio of troublemakers. After Kara and Aurora both went through threshhold, Aurora convinced Trance to take Kara as his starter 'girl since the pair were always a "dynamic duo of destruction and discontent" as many teachers had put it.

SLC: 2,357,000

(Here's where the weird part comes in. I'm including a list of short Bios for all the other somewhat important characters mentioned in this chapter)

Family members:

Jayden - Retired Tamer, Father of both Trance and Skarla

Arlyx - Jayden's Harem Alpha, a 'Mistress', and Mother of Skarla

Marla - Jayden's Harem Beta, an 'Amachamp', Mother of Trance

Skarla - Trance's 14 y.o. sister

Terra - Skarla's 'pet' kitten

Other acquaintances and possibly important characters:

Helix - Initial financier for Trance's expedition. This somewhat mysterious (and not to mention stinking rich) white haired traveler made a deal to give Trance the rest of the money he needed so as to get the young man's travels jump started. In exchange, upon reaching and every day while in town, Trance is to send his old friend a full report of his experiences as a tamer.

TRIXIE, the Jester Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal/Psychic/Dark
Frequency: Common to Uncommon
Diet: human style food
Role: entertainers, practical jokers
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Ghost, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting
Attacks: Sex Attack 1 & 2, Quick Attack, Foresight, Flash, Blur, Cry
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing (x2), Agility
Evolves: Harlequin (normal), Acrobabe (Shield Stone)
Evolves From: None
The Trixie, or Jesters as they are sometimes called, are very strange Pokégirls. Usually wearing flashy, colorful clothing and heavy make-up, it’s easy to spot one in a crowd. Trixies tend to be very active Pokégirls, always moving around and interested in particularly everything in sight.
The main reason for this interest is their love for practical jokes. A Trixie will always look for, and usually take any opportunity to play jokes on others, even her Harem-sisters. Many of these jokes are harmless fun, but some Trixies tend to go too far, causing minor injuries for the sake of a good joke. If their Tamers demand that they do not play any jokes, they will still look for opportunities, but grumble about not being able to pull it off.
All Fools’ Day is the worst time to have a Trixie in your Harem. No matter what a Tamer tries to do to stop them, all Trixies have a inner calling to cause as much mischief and chaos as they can on that day. There have even been reports of Trixies placed in storage for the duration of the day, spontaneously escaping from the Pokécenters and running amok of the town they are in.
In battle, Trixies are clever opponents. They always try to find some weakness of their opponent to take advantage of, and they exploit this weakness to no end. If they cannot detect any weakness, they tent do enjoy dodging their enemy’s attacks, while ridiculing them, as well as their ancestors. Many times this tactic works to cause the opponent’s girl, and sometimes even the Tamer, to get so upset, that they go crazy trying to stop the Trixie’s insults, and providing a good opening for a attack.

NURSEJOY, the Nursing Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon, usually found at hospitals and Pokégirl healing centers, has never been found in the wild
Diet: any human style diet, with the preference of vegetables
Role: nursing
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Dodge, Tackle, Honey, Sweet Honey, Royal Honey, Love 'N' Affection, Hugs 'N' Kisses, Heal, Cure, Cura, Curaga, Pray, Multiheal, Omniheal, Revive, Half Revive, Full Revive, Regen, Esuna, Hypnotize, Yell
Enhancements: innate knowledge of human and Pokégirl anatomy, natural affinity for healing
Evolves: Night Nurse (battle stress)
Evolves From: None
NurseJoys, or Joys as they are usually called, are nursing Pokégirls; they can do all healing techniques and will help someone in need by nature. Unfortunately, they rarely, if ever, make good fighters.
Tamers know that it's very handy to have a NurseJoy in their pack, since they can heal the other Pokégirls when they get hurt. NurseJoys don't make good Alphas, though, since they don't feel comfortable with the role of group leader.
While all NurseJoys are born with the capability of learning all of the above techniques, few learn more than half of them in their lifetimes. Most choose to specialize in one or two specific areas and focus on learning the advanced techniques for those. That being said, every single NurseJoy is able to use Dodge, Tackle, Heal, Cure, Revive, Esuna and Yell (which they use to stop struggling patients).
For some unknown reason, all NurseJoys have pink hair. Sometimes it's curly, sometimes it's straight, but it's always a bright, vivid pink. Aside from that similarity, NurseJoys vary in appearance, although a great many of them have pink eyes as well. They stand between 5' even and 5'8", though the average is only 5'2". Their busts range between C-Cups and D-Cups, and are usually, but not always, proportionate to their height.

AMACHAMP (aka GOLEM), the Super Strength Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human style but with heavy mineral requirements
Role: physical labor and tank equivalent
Libido: Low to Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Rock, Normal, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Special Weaknesses: Can't swim, requires special diet
Attacks: Dynamic Punch, Mega Punch, Pummel, Body Slam, Toss, Crushing Punch, Pose, Focus, Gatling Punch, Super Move, No Sell
Enhancements: High density (x2), Enhanced Strength (x20), reinforced musculoskeletal structure, high efficiency cardiovascular system, dermal plating, high efficiency respiratory system, secondary ribcage with second set of arms and breasts as well as some internal organs.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Amachoke (normal)
The final evolution of the Amachop appears far more human than the Amachoke. Her body becomes more slender than either of her previous forms, and her height remains what it was as an Amachoke.
However, she weighs over 900 pounds.
Her strength is sufficient to lift and carry several times her own weight and her speed is similar to that of a normal human, but stopping becomes a problem because of their incredible mass.
Of course, the biggest difference between an Amachamp and her lesser forms is her doubled chest and extra set of arms. She has four breasts, each pair between a set of arms, and she has two sets of lungs and two hearts to keep her larger body active. Her second heart is actually on the right side of her lower chest while her original heart remains on the left side of her upper chest. Some physiologists believe this is to prevent the two hearts from synchronizing and doing serious damage to her body, as was seen in the earliest gasoline engines when the valves were synchronized.
Amachamps do not suffer from the arrogance of their previous forms. Most feel satisfied with their final level of strength and while they may work out to keep in shape, they are not as driven as their previous evolutions are. Then again, most of their former workouts were found to be too easy or too difficult to accomplish with four arms. Some may even grow to fear their own power, as few opponents are much of a challenge when the Amachamp's four arms can completely immobilize them.
Some researchers feel that it's the lower number of workouts coinciding with the increase of libido that prove the theory that the workouts were a form of masturbation. Of course, Amachamps are more prone to backaches, so a tamer who knows massage will find themselves being "appreciated" quite often.
Despite their increased control, restraints are still a must when taming.
Amachamps do not suffer a drop in intelligence if they go feral, but they do become more aggressive. Because of this, any tamer who abandons an Amachamp or lets her become feral will usually face punishment.

MISTRESS, the Chained Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Steel/Magic
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Mostly Human
Role: Professional Interrogator/Capturer
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Poison, Bug, Psychic, Weak Willed Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Fire, Ground, Fighting
Attacks: Rune Chain, Chain Throw, Metal Sound, *Quake with Fear (lvl 50) *Chained Pleasure, *Chain Whip, *Chain Smash, *Link Shower
Enhancements: Loss of pain center, Increased Healing, Enhanced Endurance (x5) Enhanced Toughness (x10)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Dominatrix (via multiple orgasms during bondage sex)
The Mistress is a rather unique evolution of the Dominatrix. Getting her to evolve appears to be nice and simple, in theory that is, until one tries to get a Dominatrix to consent for her to be the bound one. Should a tamer get his/her Dominatrix bound, gagged and gets her to orgasm multiple times, she will evolve into a Mistress.
Mistresses are a curious breed of Pokégirl. Nearly all of them wear no clothes, just strategically placed chains to cover up the bare essentials, if that. Sometimes they were what can only be called 'chain bikinis' that leave nothing to the imagination. She does not mind being leered at; if anything, she revels in the lewd attention. It helps that cold steel is constantly rubbing up against her most private areas most of the day. Watchers have proven that all Mistresses are part voyeur, part exhibitionist; like watching and being watched during tamings.
In bed, Mistresses are very submissive to their tamer. They concede the fact that their tamer is the dominate one in the relationship, and enjoy being bound and gagged. They get very turned on when they are held fast by their own chain clothing. A Mistress is only submissive to her tamer. If the tamer brings in another Pokégirl, the Mistress will lord over her like some evil emperor. For this reason, Mistresses make good Alphas and horrible betas.
These Pokégirls have been called ‘Combat Damsels’ and people tend to agree once encountering them. The complete loss of her pain center, increased healing, and very tough and durable skin makes her a very sturdy combatant. She would be considered a masochist if she could feel any pain, but the thought that she should be feeling pain arouses her.
Aside from her fetish of chains, her looks can vary. She typically looks how she did as a Dominatrix, just lacking clothes. She may gain or lose some height or breast size, but this is rare.
One word can describe her personality: Sado-cruel. The method of her evolution has messed with her psyche…well more so anyway. Domina types love one thing more than anything, and that is control. Since she evolved because her tamer was able to take that away from her, and make her enjoy it, she now has a near fanatical desire to take it back; usually from any Pokégirls she comes across. With her loss of her pain center, she no longer fully understands others pain. This leads her to simply reminisce on past pain, which she most likely enjoyed, and wants to visit it upon others. She simply does not understand why others don’t enjoy it as much as she did.
In a battle, she fights exclusively with chains, usually the ones she was previously using for clothes. This leads more randy Pokégirls to be slightly distracted before they take a weighted chain to the side of their head. Though she is a magic type, she can only spread her influence over her chains, but that does not weaken her in the slightest. Her power and control over her chains is limited only by her imagination. She can lengthen them, shorten them, add spikes or weights at the end, even link them together as a noose at will.
Her tactics usually focus on binding and restraining her opponents. Having a Pokégirl bound and gagged, wriggling at her feet turns her on immensely. If she does not then tame said Pokégirl, she will likely jump her tamer after the battle. Should it be physically impossible to bind a Pokégirl, she will focus on sniping at her. Liberally using Link Shower, she will send spiked and weighted links at key points of the body. A large metal ball to the side of the head is usually enough to knock anyone unconscious.
Strangely enough, for such a sado-cruel Pokégirl, a lot of them are employed by local governments and police. Her abilities with chains make her perfect for capturing and bringing in criminals. Many criminals only remember a rattle of chains before blacking out. They are also the next best thing to a psychic Pokégirl for interrogation. She still has her forceful personality and determination from when she was a Dominatrix, and can use her chain abilities to some rather sadistic extents. A body can only handle so much weight hanging off of rather personal parts before stuff starts tearing.
There are no records of wild or feral Mistresses, and no one has thresholded into one as of yet.

Chain Whip - (ATK 40) A steel type attack. It is similar to rose whip in which she lashes out with a length of chain. The chain can be a varying length, have spikes or weighted balls at the end of it.
Chain Smash - (ATK 50) A steel type attack. Similar to Chain Whip, she lashes out with 2 to 3 chains at once. Each chain will end in very heavy weights, and she smashes them into her opponent like a hammer.
Link Shower - (ATK 75) Using her magical connection to her chains, the Mistress levitates a multitude of chain links around her. They may be normal links, be spiked, or be extra heavy. She can then shoot them at her opponents at high speeds, peppering the pokégirl with steel.
Chained Pleasure - (S. ATK) A Mistresses unique sex attack. She first binds a pokégirl with chain then uses this attack to link her breasts and other erogenous zones with chain. Any movement causes them to tug and pull at them, causing pain and pleasure the Mistress loves so much.
Quake with Fear - (ATK 180) The Mistresses most powerful attack. Empowering a length of chain with as much magic as she can, she hurtles it towards the ground. Once embedded in the earth, the magic in the chain bursts. Hundreds of spiked chains erupt from the ground, covering a large area. Should her opponent(s) not be skewered from the beginning, the chains have an eerie tendency to encircle the neck, strangling anyone not killed outright.

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Chapter 2: An Interesting Start

03:28 June 27th 312 AS, 14 Miles North of Route 29

"So tell me again why we're traveling at night," Kara asked as she walked beside her tamer. She had just switched off with Aurora who was having a hard time with the hiking so was only out for half the time the Trixie had been.

Trance didn't respond as he was rather distracted by the sheer beauty of the stars as they got farther away from the town. Sure he'd seen them before, but he had never really gone camping too far away from New Bark, just in case something happened.

Kara waved a hand in front of the male's face. "Hellooo, Earth to Trance."

The sudden flash of his girl's limb pulled him out of his space mission with an ever intelligent, "Huh?" He looked over in time to see his Alpha pointing in front of him just before he slammed face first into a tree trunk.

Kara giggled as she checked her master's face. "If you keep spacing out like that then I'm gonna have my work cut out for me if we come across any ferals."

Trance rubbed his cheek before stepping around the object impeding his desired path. "Sorry, I was just looking at the stars."

"You should be more concerned with the ferals around here. I've heard a few stories of what some dark types like to do to unsuspecting tamers. Speaking of the dark, why are we traveling at night anyway?" Kara asked once more as she watched her tamer through the shadows. She wasn't complaining about the dark since it was her element. In fact, she usually preferred it over the daytime because the moon always made everything so pretty.

Trance got a grin on his face when Kara asked the question. “Because we're looking for a few of those Dark types you mentioned,” he said, causing the prankster to roll her eyes. Sure she was immature, but she did have her moments thanks to her previously human nature.

“This is going to end badly,” she sighed as they continued walking.

09:25 June 27th 312 AS

Aurora stretched her arms as the Sun shone through the trees. “We traveled all night and haven't seen one feral. That's gotta be a record,” she said with a hint of amusement at her tamer's slightly deflated expression.

“I know. I'm either the luckiest guy in the world, or the unluckiest. I can't tell which,” he whined as his ears started to pick up the sound of running water. They'd follow the stream until they reached a clearing to set up camp.

Aurora giggled and kissed her friend on the cheek. “Well considering you're still in one piece, I'm leaning towards the first option.”

Trance smiled and took the Nursejoy in his arms and pressed her back against a tree. “Good idea, lets take a break," he said before crushing their lips together.

Aurora was glad he had his arms around her waist because as soon as their lips connected, her knees went weak as she started to get a very familiar feeling between her legs.

Suddenly, Trance was hit hard in the side by something that sent him reeling away from the Nursejoy and into a tree, as the Joy just stood there looking stunned. Trance's shoulder connected with the Oak hard, causing a cracking sound that he hoped was just a snapping twig. He reached for his belt and grabbed Aurora's ball, recalling her just as the small brown furred 'girl moved to tackle. He grinned as the creature stumbled and looked around angrily for her opponent.

“I hope you had a nice nap Kara, cuz we've got a feral to fight,” he said as he tossed the Trixie's ball out, releasing her from her spherical bedroom. He pulled out his 'Dex just to verify what he already knew.

EVA, the Fox-Squirrel Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid Animorph
Element: Normal
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Enhancements: fur, capability of evolving to an elemental form, Enhance Speed (x5)

“Watch out for her Aura of Cute. Don't let it get you're guard down,” Trance called to his Trixie who was sizing up her opponent.

“Aww, but she's so cute! There's no way she could hurt me when she looks like that!” the jester said in a babying tone of voice. It was obvious the Eva could understand her, because no sooner had Kara finished her statement then the brown furred female had leaped at her with a tackle, which Kara had easily avoided by prancing around the feral and tripping her in the process. “You see? She's harmless.”

Trance watched with amusement as the new girl rolled through the fall and bounced back at Kara with a quick attack, throwing a handful of sand at the Trixie's face. Kara however had seen this coming thanks to her foresight technique and ducked under the cloud and waiting for the enraged fighter to get a little closer to her. When she did, Kara used her Flash attack to stun the other girl before she closed in with a Quick Attack of her own and slugged the Eva hard in the stomach as she attempted to clear her vision, sending her flying into the tree which was rooted not five feet behind her.

The impact from the flying Pokégirl caused pieces of bark to fall off as the Squirrel-Fox slumped to the ground, unconscious. Trance tossed a pokéball at the unconscious feral and turned to Kara. “You know, I think you really did learn a few things from all that training with Mom,” he grinned as he picked up his new harem member's ball and placed it on his belt.

Kara danced around happily at having won her first real battle so easily. “That was way easier then fighting... your... moth-” Kara trailed off, stopping mid-skip. She was feeling extremely warm all of the sudden and was getting an itch between her legs she had become quite intimate with over the years since her threshold.

Trance watched as his Alpha's expression changed to one that was all too familiar thanks to many long nights he had spent trying to sate the Trixie ever-burning desire to tame. “Kara? Are you alright?” he asked before he noticed a slight sparkling in the air.

Kara barely heard what her tamer had said. All she could really hear was her heart beginning to race. She needed taming. Now. “Trance,”she moaned, the tone alone sending a shiver down the boy's spine, “Trance, baby, I really need you,” she said breathlessly as she closed the already small gap between them and rubbed her thigh against his.

“You know, if you weren't just horny because of lust dust, then I'd have been on you before you even had a chance to speak,” Trance said as he forced back his tamerly desire to make the girl scream in ecstasy. “However, if you beat that Boobisaur over there than I'll take you right here, right now.”

Kara heard that last part perfectly clear and turned to where the male was pointing. Just as he said, there was a green skinned Pokégirl not too far from them, gently massaging her nether regions with one of her vines. Kara moaned as her mind instantly went to what a girl like that could do with those long, green appendages.

“Go on hun, this is a sex battle. We've trained more then enough in our spare time that you oughta be able to win this easy,” he said as he pushed Kara onward gently before pulling out Aurora's ball and releasing her.

“Are you okay?” the Nursejoy asked as soon as she had solidified. Trance didn't say word, but instead put a finger on the pink haired girl's lips and turned her head towards the pair of girls now fighting for supremacy. “Oh my,” was all Aurora could say as she watched her Harem sister pin the Boobisaur to tree, and use the girl's own vines to tie her to a branch, before dropping down and spreading the girl's legs.

Kara gently pulled the plant girl's slender legs apart and used two fingers to massage the girl's outer lips for a moment before carefully pulling them apart and sliding her middle finger into the female's tight, slick hole. The haze swimming in Kara's head was still making her dizzy as she reached between her own thighs and massaged her heat through her jumpsuit.

The Boobisaur whimpered and gasped in pleasure, occasionally moaning out her breed name as the brightly colored girl below her now pressed her lips against her core and sucked at the little bud that always caused her so much pleasure.

Kara could feel the girl's walls tightening around her finger as she nibbled on the sensitive bundle of nerves and licked every drop of her nectar off her fingers.

“Finish her off already,” Aurora said huskily as the sight was making her horny as hell.

Kara merely moaned in pleasure as she felt her own orgasm nearing, the vibrations sending waves of pleasure through the smaller girl's busty frame and causing her orgasm to wash over her like a massive wave coming to take her out to sea.

Trance pulled another empty ball out and tossed it at the panting Pokégirl, saving her from Kara's continued onslaught. Kara looked over at her tamer slightly unhappily before she noticed that he had removed his pack and shirt and was already making out with the fully naked Nursejoy. She walked over to the pair and Trance switched from kissing Aurora to kissing Kara who was once more rubbing her thigh against his, only this time Aurora was sliding down his body to the belt on his waist.

'I guess we'll set up camp here,' he thought just before his member disappeared down the Nursejoy's throat, bringing a sudden halt to all higher brain functions.

19:45 June 27th 312 AS, Camp

Trance stretched out on his sleeping bag as he woke up from a well needed rest. After the 4 hour taming session the five had just finished, it was no wonder he conked out like that. He looked to his right and saw Kara and the Boobisaur he had decided to name Fauna curled up together with Fauna's vines gently dancing over Kara's skin as the two slept.

Aurora on the other hand was laying right next to him with the Eva on his other side, pressed up against his skin. Her fur was warm and soft, and was doing a fairly good job of putting him back to sleep. He carefully got up, trying not to wake the girls sleeping next to him.

“Nice job master,” a sweet voice said as the naked form of Aurora pressed itself against his back.

“What do you mean?” he asked quietly as he gently pulled away and walked over to the clothes heap, pulling out his jeans and sliding them on.

Aurora followed and found her undergarments and slid them on effortlessly. “You caught and tamed two different girls in less then an hour, and managed two loads for each of us to boot. That takes skill,” the Nursejoy said before licking her lips and winking at the red-faced tamer.

“I'm taking a bath. Care to join me?” Trance asked as he pulled on his t-shirt.

“Thought you'd never ask,” Aurora said before she noticed a pair of eyes back on the sleeping bag.

Trance followed his Nurse's gaze and noticed the Eva was awake. “Come with us,” he said softly. The girl slowly got up and walked over to her new tamer.

The three walked in silence to the stream where Trance and Aurora got undressed and slowly got into the cold water. “This feels really good,” Aurora said as she slowly washed the dried sweat and remains of the orgy off her skin.

Trance nodded as he leaned against a rock. He looked over at the Eva who was still on the bank and held out his hand for her. She looked at it for a moment before taking it and allowing herself to be guided into the cool liquid. Trance wrapped his arms around her slender frame and gently sat her down on his lap sideways. “What should we call you?” he asked the girl who was now nuzzling his neck.

Aurora looked over at the pair and waded over near them. “Can you talk?” she asked the girl, knowing full well she would likely be in taming shock.

The Eva shook her head before returning to nuzzling her tamer, guiding his hand between her legs. Trance Took the hint and gently began to massage the girl's sensitive folds. “No matter,” he said softly as the girl began to mewl under his ministrations, “I got pretty good at charades with Terra back in New Bark.”

Aurora leaned in to play with her new haremsister's small breasts, gently sucking on the nipples as Trance continued to play with the girl's slick mound. “So what should we call you?” Trance asked softly as the Eva continued to gasp and moan cutely.

“How about Seria,” Kara's voice whispered in her tamer's ear.

“Hmm, Seria. What do you think of it?” Trance asked the Eva in his lap who immediately began nuzzling him more then before. “Seria it is,” he said just as the brown haired Pokégirl lost the fight with herself and started convulsing in the throes of ecstasy.

23:15 June 27th 312 AS, Camp

Fauna was laying next to Trance near the fire, gently sleeping as Kara and Aurora chatted amongst themselves on the opposite side of the fire as Seria lay wrapped in Trance's arms, breathing deeply. He had decided to spend a bit of time getting to know the girl the best he could considering she couldn't speak. However, their two hour long game of charades had taught him that she could read and most likely write, and that she had thresholded into her current state and was driven off by her “pureblood” family who were ashamed that she would attempt to tarnish their name by saying she was related to them in any way. She wasn't sure why she was mute however since she had been particularly vocal before the transformation.

As he thought, the Eva in his arms shifted slightly to make herself more comfortable.

“So what's the plan boss man?” Kara giggled as she and Aurora walked over to sit beside him.

“We leave camp in the morning so Fauna can soak up some rays on first watch. Hopefully we'll be in Cherry Grove within the next three days. It's usually only a two day hike but we're taking the scenic rout so it'll be at least four total.” he stopped for a moment to gather his thoughts. “Hopefully we'll find more ferals on our way so we can trade them when we reach Cherry Grove.”

Aurora rested her head on the male's shoulder and released a sigh of content. Kara kissed Trance's cheek before laying down and curling up with the Boobisaur who wrapped the Trixie in her vines and pulled her close. Kara and Aurora giggled and began to drift off to sleep as Trance stared at the flames dancing in the pit. Flickers of blue and yellow, combined with the red and black embers in the very center.

He watched the flames twist and jump around one another, every so often a log would shift, sending a sower of fireflies floating up into the air before disappearing into nothing.

03:13 June 28th 312 AS, Camp

“I’ll race you!” Kara said excitedly as she ran towards the town. There was something different about her though. The girl turned back to look at her tamer and slowed down when she realized he wasn’t chasing her. “What’s wrong? Don’t wanna race?” she pouted, crossing her arms in front of her chest… her chest… had it grown?

“Kara? When did you evolve?” he asked the Harlequin as he slowly closed the distance between them.

“What do you mean? It was after we fought that Mantis swarm. You watched me,” Kara said, wondering what was wrong with her tamer.

A shadow flew across the corner of Trance’s vision. He could hear it turning towards them. “Get down!” he yelled and dove to shove the girl out of the way of danger, putting him in it’s path instead…

Trance awoke to a searing pain in his ribs. He yelled in agony as he felt the pain increase. He looked above himself and saw a pair of long white fangs. The girl on top of him growled as she dug her claws deeper into his sides. ‘Where is my harem?’ he thought before looking to his right and seeing the heap of females laying in unnatural positions, with one being very much disfigured.

He attempted to get free or the girl’s grip as she ground herself on his member, raping him as she caused him to bleed to death. He felt something brush against his arm and realized he still had his shirt on, which meant he also had the bracers his dad had given him still attached to his arms. He winced in pain as he forced his hands into fists and slammed them against the pokégirl’s shoulders.

“Bitch,” he growled before he flicked his wrists downwards, triggering the release mechanism in the bracers and sending a pair of 12” long blades out through the bones in the offending girl’s shoulders, instantly causing her arms to go limp as she screamed in pain. Trance retracted the cold steel as his adrenaline began pumping.

“Never take these off. They have saved my ass on more then one occasion,”

His father’s words echoed through his head as he forced himself to ignore the pain and shove the feline off him. He rolled off his sleeping bag and pulled his jeans back up, tightening his belt as the girl attempted to get back on her feet without the use of her limp arms.

He ran to the heap of girls under the tree and forced back his sudden wave of rage as he pulled the body of the dismembered Fauna off the other three. Kara had deep gashes in her chest but was breathing, albeit softy. Seria was unconscious and looked like she had a gash in her forehead, probably from hitting the tree. Her left arm was also bent at an unnatural angle. He pulled out Kara and Seria’s pokéballs and returned the girls so he could get to Aurora who was definitely looking the least injured of the three, though she was unconscious as well.

He was about to recall the Nursejoy when he was suddenly kicked in the right shoulder, sending him skidding across the ground, his back slamming into a rock abruptly ending the short journey. The feline stumbled towards him passing through the light of the dying campfire, revealing the form of what he could only guess was a Sabertooth Tigress.

Trance managed to force himself upright and onto his feet as the girl moved to bite into his shoulder. Trance saw this coming however and dodged to the left before slamming his right fist into the girl’s injured shoulder.

The girl screamed in pain and attempted to roundhouse the male in the ribs. This was blocked by Trance’s left bracer which he reinforced with his right hand, stopping the girls leg mid spin and providing an opening for him to slam his fist into the girl’s trachea.

She fell to her knees, weakened from the blood loss and wheezing before she was hit in the back of the head by a pokéball and was absorbed in a flash of red.

Trance looked up and saw Aurora panting with a scowl on her face. “Bitch,” she growled before she ran over to Trance and immediately started healing his wounds.

Trance stood there as her hands glowed slightly and his skin warmed up wherever she touched. “What the hell happened here?” he asked calmly as he attempted to regulate his heartbeat and keep himself from bleeding to death before Aurora had healed him.

“The c*nt showed up and Seria who had heard her first was the first one to attack. I think her arm was broken when she was thrown at a tree, and I'm almost positive she has a concussion. The b*tch tried to get me next but Kara got between us and Fauna held her still with vine bondage long enough for Kara to get a few hits in before she was hit in the stomach with a comet punch and flew into me, sending us both into that tree. I don’t know what happened after that until I woke up and saw you fighting,” she finished before she looked over to her right and saw the body over by the campfire and put her hand to her mouth to cover her gasp.

“She must not have enjoyed being denied her entertainment,” the tamer said coldly as he pulled off the his Alpha's ball then released Kara onto one of the sleeping bags. “Heal her the best you can and I’ll let you rest before you try to help Seria.”

Aurora nodded and hurried over to kneel by her harem sister and begin her work.

Trance walked over to the fire and put more logs on. Once he had it burning hot enough to cause the rocks around the pit to glow bright red, he carefully picked up Fauna’s body and placed her in the blaze.

‘A warriors funeral,’ Kara thought as she sat up against the tree her bag was beneath and watched as the flames engulfed the girl’s body. She made sure Aurora didn’t see the tear roll down her cheek as the Nursejoy continued healing her chest wounds.

18:25 June 28th 312 AS, Camp

“You’re sure you’re healed enough for us to continue onward?” Trance asked Seria as he finished stuffing the sleeping bags into the poképack and hoisted it onto his back.

Seria nodded vigorously before stopping and swaying a moment, her world spinning around her. “I wouldn’t recommend her going on tamer watch until she can nod without making herself dizzy,” Aurora said as she put out the remaining embers in the fire pit.

The Eva glared at the Nursejoy as Trance chuckled. “I don’t think she likes that idea,” he said and swatted the squirrel-fox’s rear lightly, causing her to yelp in surprise. “I’m going to listen to the doctor on this one. You’re riding shotgun,” he said and pulled out the girl’s pokéball.

Seria gave him a pathetic look then quickly hugged the tamer, planting a deep kiss on his lips before he recalled her.

“Which of you wants first watch?” Trance asked the two remaining girls.

Kara was staring at the ashes in the fire pit, not even paying attention to what the rest were talking about.

Aurora watched the Trixie and sighed. “She is going to be useless on tamer watch for a while. Switch me with Seria in a few hours.”

Trance nodded and walked over to the girl staring into the smoldering pile. “We’re leaving now. Finished saying goodbye?” he as he slid his arms around the girl’s waist.

Kara merely nodded and Trance pulled out her ball and absorbed her with a flash of red. He then got an idea and pulled out a small, empty, glass vile and scooped some of the ashes inside before capping it and placing it back in the pack.


Trance and Aurora walked in silence for a few hours, Trance’s senses on edge thanks to the previous night’s attack. They spotted a few Pidgey but nothing really dangerous as the sun began to set.

“I’m getting tired, the over-exerted Nursejoy complained as they stopped for a breather. "Go ahead and switch me out with Seria. I’m sure she’ll be more then pleased to get out of that ball."

Trance nodded and recalled Aurora and placed her on his belt. However, instead of releasing Seria, he released Kara who looked slightly confused when her tamer handed her a small glass tube with a blueish-gray powder in it.

"What's that?" she asked confused as she took vile from Trance.

"It's some of the ash from the fire," he said while watching Kara's face, which quickly changed to her normal wide smile.

Kara turned the dust over and over in the tube as the two started walking again.

"She was my first sex battle opponent, and I beat her," Kara said suddenly to Trance's unasked question.

“So that's why you were all depressed ear-" Trance was suddenly cut off by a large black furred fist which caused him to reel backwards and stare at the stars high above him.

Kara used her foresight to avoid the set of jaws that was aimed at her and managed to connect her foot with the creature's chin as she jumped away from the Pokégirl trying to draw it's attention from her tamer.

Trance managed to get upright and find his pokédex as he watched the Trixie dodge a Pummel attack from the black furred girl.

Hound, the Hunting Dog Pokégirl
Element: Dark
Libido: Average (High monthly)
Strong Vs: Dark, Ghost, Psychic, cat Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting, olfactory attacks
Attacks: Bite, Howl, Pummel, Takedown, Tackle, Crunch
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x10), Enhanced Speed (x3), Endurance
Evolves: War Hound (battle stress), Cerberass (Evolution Method Classified)
Evolves From: Doggirl (orgasm)

Trance looked up from the 'Dex in time to see the Hound's bite take a chunk out of a tree. "It's a Hound! Watch the teeth and hope to hell it doesn't evolve," Trance yelled to Kara who flipped over the claws that had been aimed at her chest.

'No sh*t,' she thought and continued to dance around and mock the already enraged female.

The Hound spun around again and attempted to bite into the intruder's arm just as it released a flash of blinding light, throwing off her aim and causing one of her fangs to merely nick the sleeve of her outfit instead of sinking the entire set into the newcomer's flesh.

Kara skipped backwards as the Hound shook her head with a howl of rage as she attempted to remove the spots from her vision.

Trance grabbed Seria's ball off his belt and released her. "Both of you, Quick Attack, now!" he yelled triggering both girl's attack instincts. The pair charged forward, their fists connecting with the Hound's chin simultaneously sending the six foot tall girl flying head first into the tree that had been bit earlier, a loud cracking sound issuing from her neck as she impacted then slumped to the ground.

Trance threw a pokéball at the completely unconscious girl, the ball absorbing her in the usual flash of red before she had a chance to die.

"Why do they always target me?" Trance grumbled as he walked over to the ball beneath the tree and shrunk it. He turned to see Seria glaring at him. "What?" The peeved Eva pointed at Kara who was looking between the two trying to figure out what was going on. "I was trying to figure out why she was upset earlier, before we got attacked," the tamer explained, "I was going to release you after we got done talking."

Seria sighed and quickly kissed her tamer's cheek.

"I think she forgives you," Kara giggled and walked over to the pair.

Trance was going to respond when the three suddenly heard an explosion to the south. “Wanna check it out?” the tamer asked as he put the Hound’s ball on his belt.

Kara giggled again. “You’re the boss here, so why are you asking us?”

Trance grinned adjusted his backpack, “Race ya,” he said before taking off.

“Cheater!” Kara yelled and ran after him, followed closely by Seria.


“What the hell is going on?” Trance asked as the group of four neared the sound of a huge battle, snow had started to fall around them and was quickly picking up power.

“I guess an ice type is fighting something,” Kara said before another explosion sounded.

“Fire type too,” Aurora said as they carefully continued their trek through the snow.

They reached a small cliff that lead to a clearing down the 30 foot slope. In the middle, about 100 yards from them, was a pair of Pokégirls in the midst of a fierce battle, their tamers standing on the edges of what looked like an ice floor which was very quickly melting.

Trance pulled out his pokédex and pointed it at the flaming girl.

MAGMAMMARY, the Lava Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Fire
Frequency: Rare (Crimson League; unknown all others)
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice Plant, Steel
Week Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Fireblast, Flamethrower, Barrier, Dissolve
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x5), Endurance, High Heat Tolerance
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Cyndacunt (Fire Stone)

“That’s a strong girl,” Trance said absently as he aimed the ‘Dex at the other girl who just used Iceblade kick on the back of the Magmammary’s head, causing a large shock wave of energy that froze the Magmammary long enough for the frosty female to use Ice punch on the Lava girl's spine.

ICE EMPRESS, the Arctic Ruler Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Ice/Magic (Celestial)
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Libido: Low (Rises in higher temperatures)
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Ground, Plant, Ice
Weak Vs: Electric, Fighting, Fire, Steel
Attacks: Ice Punch, Cold Punch, Iceblade Kick, Ice Beam, Ice Blade, Ice Wall, Mist, Snow Storm, Ice Blade Mark II, Heat Drain, Cold Snap, Ice Floor, Iceball, Big Iceball, Simulacrum, Ice Armor, Wave of Ice, Temporary Crystal Prison, Ice Form*, Ice Slide*, Icicles, Boulder Ice, Glacier, Heavenly Strike, Diamond Dust, Emotion Bomb
Enhancements: Total immunity to all forms of cold, Body temperature control, Can manipulate temperature in surrounding area, Longevity, Increased Durability (x6), Increased Intelligence (x4), Increased emotional capacity, Absolute Ice Mastery, Self-transmutative ability, Immune to Infernal status effects and Attributes
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Ice Princess (normal, Lvl90)

Trance put away his pokédex and watched as the Ice Empress fired an ice beam attack the same instant the Magmammary attacked with a Flamethrower. The two attacks met in the middle and erupted in yet another explosion of energy that left a rather large crater in the frozen earth.

“I wonder what tamers that powerful are doing I this part of the League,” Trance said as he watched the Magmammary smash through the Ice Wall that had formed, and hit the Ice Empress square in the chest with a Fire Punch, cracking her Ice Armor and sending her skidding through the snow before she rebounded and trapped the Magmammary in a Crystal Prison. The Ice Empress then reinforced the prison with an Ice Beam before charging up her Heavenly Strike.

“She better hope that hits,” Trance said aloud which prompted Aurora to ask the obvious question of, "Why?"

“Because, that may be her most powerful attack, but it also causes damage to her at well. If the Magmamarry escapes that prison before the attack is finished then this battle will be her loss.”

As Trance spoke, the ice around the fire type started to steam and melt as the ice ball continued to grow. “And now to wait and see who finishes this,” Kara said before the prison shattered and the Ice boulder fell from the sky at unbelievable speed.

The impact caused a cloud of dust and snow to fly up in the air, obscuring the field from even the tamers down below.

“I think the Ice Empress just crushed the fire girl,” Aurora said quietly as the group waited for the the dust to settle. Seria shook her head vigorously and Trance chuckled.

“I think she disagrees with you dear,” the tamer said as the field started to clear revealing the Magmamarry standing where the Ice Empress had been a moment before, and the Ice Empress on the ground ten feet away, completely unconscious.

“You see? Never bet on a sure thing” Trance stood and jumped over the edge, sliding down the cliff and heading towards the tamers who were recalling their girls. As he neared, the fire tamer’s face became clearer in the early morning darkness and something clicked in the back of his mind. “Malik!” he yelled getting the attention of both the white haired Ice tamer and the red haired Malik.

“Trance! How ya been buddy?” Malik yelled as he handed the white haired tamer back his pokédex and took the offered pokéball.

Trance looked back to see his harem running to catch up. “Hurry up girls! I wanna introduce you to Malik!” Upon hearing the name, Kara doubled her speed and nearly tackled the tall red head.

“Friendly ain’t she?” Malik laughed as he gently swatted the Trixie’s bottom.

“Aww, don’t you recognize me?” she whined with a fake pout.

Trance laughed before speaking up. “That right, you haven’t seen Kara since before she went through threshold,” he said as Aurora and Seria looked over the new comer.

The name instantly struck a chord in Malik’s head and caused the male to nearly crush the unsuspecting Trixie with a bear hug. “I can’t believe it! I thought you were cute before, but now look at ya!” Malik laughed as Kara giggled.

“So who’s he?” Aurora asked, having never before met the male her tamer and harem sister were being so friendly to.

Malik released the now slightly dizzy Kara and looked over the rest of Trance’s harem. “And who are these lovely ladies?” he asked with a lecherous grin.

Trance gently punched the older male in the shoulder with a laugh. “Down boy, this is the rest of my Harem. The Nursejoy is Aurora. She’s been patching me up since we were little. The Eva is the newest addition. Her name’s Seria.” Trance then looked at Aurora who was still looking over the the taller of the two. “This is Malik. Me and Kara made friends with him the month you were vacationing the Orange League with your folks three years ago. He left about three days before you got back.”

Aurora held her hand out for Malik to shake. “Nice to meet you,” she said cordially before Malik took the offered appendage and kissed the back of her hand gently, turning the Nursejoy’s normally light pink face a bright red. “The pleasure is all mine,” he said with a wink.

“Watch it buddy, you’re makin’ me look bad,” Trance laughed as Aurora quickly took her hand back.

“So what brings you to this neck of the woods?” Malik asked as he turned back to his friend.

Trance intertwined his fingers behind his head and grinned proudly. “Just started my journey. We'd just finished capturing a feral Hound when we heard an explosion and came to check it out. Who would have thought I’d run into you?” he asked with a chuckle.

“A Hound huh? I’ll fight you for her,” Malik said with a mischievous grin.

Trance shook his head and laughed. “I’m your friend, not a fool. You’ve been at this for over three years and we just watched what your Magmammary did to that Ice Empress. I might as well just hand her to you right now.”

Malik laughed hard. “Well how about a trade then? I just salvaged a Torch Chick from Ice boy over there and really don’t need her. Got plenty of fire power as is and I’ve been trying to catch a Hound for months.”

“What do you three think?” Trance asked as he turned back to his harem.

Kara shook her head and laughed. “What’s it matter? You’re in charge so if you think it’s a good idea then so be it.”

Seria nodded and Aurora gave Trance a look.

“What?” he asked as the NurseJoy attempted to bore holes into his skull.

Aurora sighed and shook her head. Glaring was pointless against a clueless male. “We need to be able to fight at a longer range then these two can provide,” she said wishing she had been at least told her harem sisters had been fighting so soon after having nearly been killed.

“It’s settled then!” Malik said as he pulled the ball off his belt.

Trance nodded and scanned the ball he had pulled off with his pokédex to erase his Tamer data from the orb before exchanging it with the one in his friend's hand. “Pleasure doing business with ya,” he said jokingly as he examined the ball.

He enlarged the sphere and tossed it straight up in the air. “Time to meet our newest Harem member. Come on out!”

The ball opened and released the normal white beam of light which landed between the two males. As she solidified, the shape of a girl about 4’8” stood in front of them with her feet set shoulder width apart with her arms crossed is front of her nearly flat chest. As the light dissipated, she opened her deep red eyes and glared at Trance who brushed the look off and examined the fire-type girl.

She was wearing dark blue camouflage shorts that stopped just below her knees and a similarly colored bandanna tied around her neck. Her shoulder length hair was the same brilliant red as her irises and both looked as if they were ablaze, and her arms were crossed over her small chest.

“Who the hell are you?” the angry female asked as Trance finished looking her over.

“I’m Trance, your new tamer,” the black haired young man said with a grin as he held his hand out for her to shake.

The Torch chick glared at the offending appendage and increased the radius of her Heat Aura as a warning to the thick skulled moron who immediately retracted his hand.

“So what’s your name?” he asked as he adjusted his stance to make him more stable in the event she decided to attack him.

The red headed girl snorted and glared at him some more. “What do you care? You’re probably gonna change it anyway,” she growled at him and contemplated turning him into ‘Dumbass Flambe’.

Kara was about to jump on top of the b*tch and beat her senseless when Seria gripped her shoulder and held her beck. Kara turned to berate her but the Eva merely shook her head, silently telling her to let their tamer handle her.

Trance just laughed at the girl in front of him. “I won’t change it if you want to keep it,” he said calmly.

The Torch Chick thought it over for a moment. “My name is Larix,” she said with a hint of malice.

“Welcome to the Harem,” he said and hit her with the red beam of the pokéball, absorbing her before she could say anything else.

“Useful little gadget, ain’t it?” Malik asked with a grin.

Trance sighed and placed the ball on his belt after scanning it with the pokédex. “I forgot about that loyalty thing,” he said and checked his pokédex’s clock feature. It was almost 2 in the morning. “I guess I’ll try working on her to see what I can do to get her to accept me as her tamer without having to send her through a level 3.”

Malik laughed and patted his friend on the back. “Just remember, once she evolves, she’ll be even more of a fire-ball of fury then she is now,” he said with a grin. He had already evolved a Torch Chick into a Blazicunt and hadn’t been looking forward to the b*tch phase in between.

Trance groaned at having gotten caught up with the idea of having a powerful girl in the harem. “You’re an asshole. You know that right?”

Malik gave look of mock horror at the comment as he picked up his poképack. “I most certainly am not. I was merely teaching you a valuable lesson for your future.”

“Yeah,” Kara chimed in as she wrapped her arms around her tamer's neck from behind. “Never trust your friends!”

05:47 June 29th 312 AS, 27 miles East of Cherry Grove City

Trance tossed a pokéball at the unconscious Doggirl on the ground in front of his Eva who looked quite pleased with her mute self. “Good job, though next time I'd appreciate it if you didn't toss the angry feral at the squishy tamer.”

The Eva picked up the ball and walked over to her tamer, giving him a kiss and nuzzling his neck in apology.

“Okay, okay. I forgive you already,” Trance laughed and pushed the brown furred girl away gently. “Come on, let’s find some place to set up camp,” he said the sun began to peak up over the trees.

Seria nodded and began skipping off towards the sound of running water, swinging her small hips from side to side as she walked. Trance had to admit, she may not have been very well endowed, but she could definitely work what she had, though he suspected she was using her Aura of Cute on him.

“Wait up!” he laughed and ran after the girl who had disappeared around a rather large tree.


“Eat up girls,” Trance said as he handed his Harem their food. They had found a large patch of berries so Seria was quietly munching over by the stream, tail waving behind her happily.

He had caught a few fish and had handed one to Kara and Aurora the pulled the Torch Chick’s pokéball off his belt. “Guess you probably oughta eat too,” he said before releasing the hot headed girl.

Unsurprisingly, she wasn’t too happy with being stuffed back in the ball mid-berating. “What the f*ck do you want?” she growled as she stood in front of her new idiot tamer.

Trance merely handed a large fish to the angry girl, silently hoping she wouldn’t decide to cook him instead. “Figured you were hungry,” he said, not allowing his internal hesitation to show in any way.

Larix didn't respond but instead torched the fish, cooking it to very well done before storming off and eating the fish by the water. She had always been fascinated by the fact that something so simple and beautiful could cause her so much pain.

“Sheef kinna weirt,” Kara said through a mouthful of food.

Trance sighed and sat down. “Swallow before talking,” he said and leaned back against a tree, closing his eyes and resting in the early morning sunlight.


He woke up several hours later and the sun was just past the noon mark. “Time to move out I guess,” he said as he sat up and looked around site for his harem. Each of the girls except for Larix was curled up with each other by his feet. He decided not to wake the three and decided instead to put them in their balls and let them keep resting.

"Hey Larix!" he called as he walked towards the river where he had last seen the Torch Chick. He looked around but couldn't find her anywhere. "She couldn't have run off, could she?" he asked himself as he listened to the silence of the forest. Even with his enhanced hearing, he couldn't hear anything but water.

He sighed and decided to give up and begin on his way towards Cherry Grove, but as he turned towards the camp he heard a branch snap above him. He rolled out of the way but was knocked off his feet by a wave of flame that singed a few hairs on his head. "What the hell's wrong with you?!?" he yelled as he rolled back to his feet.

Larix slowly stood up. Trance noticed something odd. They were faint in the noon sun, but there were odd markings glowing on her skin all over her face, chest, and upper back, and leading down past the waist line of her shorts and ending on the tops of her feet. "Okay, I know you didn't have those before," he said and began backing away from the girl who was orienting her body to face him.

“Kill... Havok,” she said slowly as she began walking towards Trance.

The male was once again finding himself unable to figure out who he had pissed off to warrant this. “Oh come on, what did I ever do to you?” he asked as he was backed against a large tree.

“Havok.... Kill... Havok... Kill...” Larix continued mumbling under her breath as she stalked her prey. Trance looked into her eyes and found they had turned completely black, as if somebody had turned off the fire in her soul.

“Larix, I really don't wanna hurt you,” he said and went into a defensive stance. He honestly had no desire to fight the fire-type, but if he had to then he would.

Larix ignored her tamer and ignited her hands before charging the black haired male. Trance ducked under the modified fire punch and slammed his fist up into the Torch Chick's chin, sending her flying backwards over the edge of the riverbank and into the roaring water.

Trance reached for the girl's ball but swore loudly when he realized it had fallen off his belt. “Not good,” he said before he jumped in after his newest Harem member and swam as hard as he could. He knew she couldn't swim and she was doing a very poor job of keeping her head above the crashing waves.

'Hang on Larix, I'll get you,' he thought as he powered through the waves. When he finally reached her, she had stopped thrashing and was merely bobbing along through the waves. “You better not die on me,” he growled as he pulled them both to shore with an arm around her waist. Her body temperature was rapidly dropping.

Trance laid the girl on her back on the ground. The markings had disappeared and she wasn't breathing. “I traded a Hound for you, you are not dieing on me yet,” he said and started CPR on her.

'Let this work'

'Let this work'

'Let this work'

Larix began coughing up water. 'Thank the gods,' Trance sighed as the Torch Chick began emptying her lungs. They rested a few minutes, both trying to regain their breath as Trance explained how they ended up in the water.

“I honestly don't remember anything until I hit the water,” Larix said solemnly. Maybe she had the wrong idea about the tamer who had just saved her life.

Trance looked her over, checking to see if there was any sign of the markings left on her skin, but found nothing. “You think you're strong enough to walk?”

Larix nodded and Trance carefully helped her to her feet before beginning the hike back to the camp site which was about a mile away.

Eight shadowy figures stood around a glowing orb, watching the scene unfold before them.

{He is talented} one sent telepathically to the others.

{He is determined} her friend sent in reply.

{No,} sent their leader who was entirely unimpressed by the display. {Havok was merely lucky that it was not a more powerful female that was sent after him. I must say however, I have not seen a fully human looking male react so passionately when those he has enslaved are in danger. This act of courage only reinforces what we already learned from the dream.}

The group all nodded in agreement as they watched the young tamer help the Torch Chick back to the camp, the group already planning their next test.

Trance helped Larix sit on a sleeping bag then aided her in taking off her still very wet shorts so they could dry. "You gonna be okay?"

Larix nodded and crossed her ankles and pulled her knees to her chest. She hated being naked. It always made her feel so exposed. A light wind blew through the camp site causing the soggy Torch Chick to shiver, despite her Heat Aura.

Trance saw this as he hung the girl's shorts on a branch to dry out before removing his shirt and sliding behind his newest harem member and wrapping his arms around her small frame, gently rubbing her arms to heat her back up.

"Th-thanks," she said as felt her tamer's warmth against her back, his touch soothing her cold muscles and making her relax into the male's chest. She could feel his muscles flexing as his hands moved over her skin. His movements were slowly heating her back up, but a certain area was heating far faster then the rest of her.

Trance continued his ministrations, resting his chin on her shoulders and breathing slowly in an attempt to keep his body's reaction to their proximity in order, but was quickly losing ground with his internal struggle.

Larix felt something pressing against her lower back as she pressed back into her tamer's chest. 'Could be a good way to reheat,' she thought as she began rubbing her back against the male.

Trance's breath caught as the girl in his arms pressed back into him, rubbing his member through his jeans causing it to grow harder. Larix's body temperature began to rise which in turn caused Trance's body to react, his lower head slowly gaining control and drowning out all higher brain functions.

His hands began to wander over the Torch Chick's tanned skin, the occasional gentle caress of his fingers on her small breasts and sensitive nipples causing her to to gasp softly and arch farther into his chest.

Her head tilted back onto Trance's shoulder as one hand began to travel down her smooth stomach and lightly touching the one spot on her body that was more sensitive then her nipples, the small bud at the apex of her strong thighs that always made her squirm when it was touched.

Larix gasped as his fingers rubbed against the her rapidly dampening heat, carefully spreading her nether lips and rubbing a single finger against the surprisingly small opening. He lightly pressed against the hole, sliding the appendage inside to just the first knuckle, bending it enough to put a bit of pressure against the front wall.

Larix arched her back and moaned quietly as a wave of pleasure rolled over her, a small amount of her juice soaking Trance's hand as she pressed farther into the tamer's chest.

Trance carefully pulled his hand away and licked his hand clean before moving from behind Larix and gently laying her down. "Now's when the real fun starts," he said with a grin as he removed the rest of his clothes and settled between Larix's legs. "Are you ready?"

Larix merely nodded as she tried to regain her breath before her new tamer sunk his tool inside her tight channel. "Chick!" she moaned breathlessly, bringing a smile to Trance's face. No wonder the opening was so small, it was her first taming!

"If you thought that was good, wait till I really get going." With that he began long, slow strokes into her warm channel, gradually picking up speed as she adjusted to his length. He bent his head down to gently suck on her nipples, switching from one to the other and back as she gasped and bucked down against him.

'This is amazing!' she thought as she ran her clawed hands through the male's hair, feeling him stretch her and attack her chest was almost too much to bear. She had Thresholded only a couple days previous and was just waiting for her tamer to finally tame her for the first time when she won by the red haired male then traded off to this one, but the sensations she was now experiencing more then made up for the slight delay in her plans, as she was having a hard time staying lucid as her new master slammed into her entrance.

Trance picked up speed as he felt the fire girl's especially warm walls begin to flutter around his cock. 'Time to finish her off,' he though and hooked his arms behind her legs, pulling them up so her knees were even with her breasts and he was drilling straight down into her, putting a significant amount of pressure on a spot along her back wall that caused her to begin shaking with pleasure.

The Sudden change in attack angle caused Larix to start shaking as yet another orgasm, this one being far more powerful then the last, slammed into her, causing her to squeeze the long haired tamer's rod hard, forcing him over the edge as well and causing him to fill her with a surprisingly large load of cum.

The two slowly came down from their highs as Trance carefully slid out of Larix's slick tunnel causing her to shiver at the empty feeling and sudden loss of her tamer's heat. He fell to the sleeping bag beside the panting girl and tried to clear his head, the intensity of the session being enough to force even him to take a rest.

Larix rolled over and snuggled into Trance's chest. "Torch," she said contentedly, causing Trance to laugh lightly at the girl who was in taming shock before they both drifted off to sleep.

01:13 June 30th 312 AS, Cherry Grove outskirts

Trance looked at the glowing lights of the city and grinned wide. He and Larix had made incredible time, despite their nap and Larix's slightly dazed state over the next couple hours until her taming shock wore off around midnight.

"Time to make an entrance," the young male said and took a step forward, only to be pulled back into Larix's Warm Embrace, the Torch Chick wrapping her arms around the shocked male who returned the hug after a moment when he realized she wasn't going to kill him. "Thank you again," she said before letting him go and walking past him, down the hill, turning back to look at Trance who was still looking like a Minotaura had just hit him. "You coming?"

Trance came out of his daze and grinned before running to catch up with the Pokégirl who was giggling and running towards the town as fast as she could. 'Guess I won't have to put her through that taming cycle after all.'

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Chapter 3: Out of the Woods

01:37 June 30th 312AS, Cherry Grove Pokécenter

Trance walked up to the front desk of Pokécenter where a Catgirl was starting to doze off in her chair. "Excuse me..."

The sudden voice in the near empty Center snapped the girl out of her daze, causing her to jump clear out of her seat. "What do you want?" she asked as she glared at the tamer in front of her.

Trance smiled and set his belt on the counter. "I need a cleaning and healing cycle as well as a room."

The Catgirl nodded and took the belt to a room before coming back with a key. "Will there be anything else, sir?" she asked, obviously ready to go to bed.

He nodded and took the offered key. "Yeah, I need to know where the room is and to know when my harem will be done."

"Fourth room on the right," the Catgirl began as she pointed down the hall before being cut off by a yawn. She placed her elbow on the counter and rested her chin on her fist. "Your harem will be ready in about an hour and you'll have 30 minutes after that to get them before I place them in storage. There is a computer system in your room. Inter-League calls have an extra charge on them just to warn you."

Trance thanked the sleepy female and walked off towards the appointed room. He needed to sort through the pile of ferals he had caught during the short trip and prepare to trade them. He would have them all healed in the morning when the normal staff was on duty; something told him the feline at the front wouldn't appreciate the extra chores at this time of night.


An hour later, trance as sitting at the desk and had almost finished sorting through the ferals when there was a knock on the door. The tamer stood up and opened the door revealing the Catgirl holding his belt.

"I really don't know what you've been through," the girl yawned, "but your Sabertooth Tigress had extensive nerve damage in both arms. She may need retraining in how to even move her fingers, but that's just a guess from the scans." She turned and headed toward her desk.

"G'night," Trance called after her before closing the door. He hadn't intended to keep her, but he did want to heal her before he traded her. Unfortunately, he was having a sudden attack of conscience. He sighed and released his harem.

The four girls stretched and looked around the surprisingly spacious room. Kara was the first to notice Trance examining the pokéball in his hand.

"What's that?" she asked as she bounced over and gave her tamer a kiss on the cheek before hanging off his shoulder.

"It's the Sabertooth we fought a couple days ago," he said simply and tossed the shrunken ball lightly up and down in his hand.

Kara immediately backed away from Trance and the miniaturized orb, glaring at the object with unmistakable contempt. "Why do you still have her," the Trixie growled out as the memories of their first run in with the undersexed Feral began to flood back into her head. Kara despised the girl. Not only for the fact that she had killed Fauna, but because she had beat the living hell out of the entire harem, raped Trance, and nearly killed him in his sleep.

Aurora stepped closer to Trance and watched the ball. "Good question. You look like you're thinking about something that could potentially get you maimed by your harem."

"That's 'cuz I am," he chuckled as he set down the ball and jumped on the bed, laying back and staring at the ceiling before immediately being joined by Seria and, to the great surprise of everybody in the room save Trance, Larix.

Larix rested her chin on his chest and looked at his face. "So you gonna tell us what it is or are we gonna hafta beat it outta you?" the girl asked with a grin that told the Eva next to her she was only joking.

Trance laughed and shook his head. "No need to rough me up. I was just thinking about what I should do about her. The girl at the desk said she may need to re-learn how to use her arms thanks to me."

Aurora figured she knew where he was leading with this. "So you're wondering keep her out of guilt, or trade her and make her someone else's problem."

Trance only nodded as he made out the shape of a Squirtitty on the ceiling.

"Well," the Nursejoy continued as she pulled Kara to the bed, forcing her friend to sit next to her, "considering how Kara feels about her, not to mention me and probably Seria as well, I say get rid of her."

Trance looked down his body at the female, rather surprised by her bluntness about the issue. "Seems my mind's made up, but what of the guilt? I'd feel horrible about leaving her disabled and in the care of some random stranger."

"Why not send her to someone you know would be able to take care of her?" Larix asked from behind closed eyelids.

"That would definitely make it easier to make sure she's safe," Trance mumbled as he tried to think of some place to send her. "The question is where?"

"H-how about the Dojo?" Kara asked, much to Trance's surprise. "Your mother is one of the best fighters I know, so she should be able to help her regain use of her arms. Then once she's better, she can go off with another tamer." Her voice soured a little as she spoke the last part, hammering in the fact that she didn't want the feline anywhere near her.

Aurora decided to ignore the upset Trixie and continue trying to get the girl out of the harem so they could move on. "Besides, I'm sure your sister could use another friend and I'm sure your father wouldn't mind having a new pussy in the house," Aurora said , getting a fit of laughter from the jester Pokégirl at the obvious (and completely true) meaning behind the pun, lifting her friends mood quite a bit. Trance paled slightly at the sickening thought. It was bad enough he had to listen to it for 19 years, but now he had his best friends reminding him of it, even after he had finally gained his freedom.

Seria and Larix looked at the three rather confused, something which Kara took great pleasure in fixing. "Trance's father is a lech. Honestly, if it weren't for the fact that Trance and his mothers would have beaten him half to death, I'm fairly certain he would have tried taming me." This seemed to clear the issue quite well and caused Trance to hide his head in shame at the same time.

"And I'm related to the bastard," he groaned as the image of his parent's making him flashed though his mind, making him nearly scream and gouge his eyes out.

Aurora and Kara both giggled and stood up again to strip out of their clothes and turn off the light.

"Don't worry sweetie," Aurora said as she slid into the extra large bed beside Larix, Kara doing likewise beside Seria, "You may have your father's sex drive, but you've got your mother's brains and innate knowledge of how to uses said drive to it's fullest."

Trance sighed once again as the warmth radiating from his harem, especially Larix, began to lull him to sleep. "I don't even want to know how you would know that, but I will take your compliment none the less. Now let's get some shut eye. We've got a big day tomorrow."

A harmony of deep breaths was the only response the male got which brought a smile to his lips before he finally slipped into unconsciousness.

11:23 June 30th 312AS, Cherry Grove Pokécenter

The next morning, Trance took up his seat at the computer and dialed the number for his parent's house. He waited for a few rings and smiled brightly when the very person he was hoping to talk with answered the Video Phone, one of her four hands scratching her head as another two slid down her face down her overly tired looking face.

It took the Amachamp a moment to register the familiar face of her son, but when she did she looked instantly better. "Hi honey! How's the trip? Everyone doing okay? You aren't neglecting Kara's 'needs' are you?"

"Mom!" Trance nearly yelled to get his mother's attention. He obviously succeeded as the Pokéwoman nearly instantly silenced herself and looked slightly sheepish, causing Trance to laugh. "We're all fine. I caught two new girls, and a mess of other ferals that I'm gonna trade later today."

"That's great sweetie!" Marla said happily before taking a sip of something in a dark blue mug. "So, I know you didn't call just to say 'hi' to your frantic mother."

Trance grinned and sat up a bit straighter before feigning a look of innocence. "Who, me? What would give you that idea?" Marla merely gave her son a look that clearly said 'look who you're talking to' and Trance chuckled again. "Alright, you caught me. I was actually hoping for a favor of sorts."

The Pokéwoman got comfortable in her chair and smiled. "Ask away honey. Just remember that any decisions will have to be okayed by your father."

Trance nodded and pulled out the pokéball containing the Sabertooth Tigress and looked at it for a moment. "Well, I caught this 'girl the first night out and can't keep her on threat of death... well... extreme amounts of pain anyway."

This caused Marla to raise an eyebrow. "Then why not trade her with the others?"

Trance set the ball down and sighed. "Well, the thing is, we managed to sever the nerves in her arms before we caught her, and the nurses here say she's gonna need PT. Like I said, I can't keep her, but I can't just trade her to some random tamer knowing she needs help, so I was hoping you could take her in."

Marla sighed. "Well... I'm not so sure about this..."

"Please mom? You're the best trainer I know and I figure if anyone can get her back up to speed, then you can. Plus, I was thinking that you could giver her to Skarla as a gift when she finally gets her license so she has two girls she can rely on, both personally trained by you."

The Amachamp sighed again. That was the trouble with Trance, he always knew how to butter her up. "Oh, alright. I already know your father's gonna say okay when I tell him."

Trance grinned wide. "Great! Mind if I tell him? I actually had something I needed to talk to him about."

Somewhere off screen, cries of 'Jayden! Oh yes! Yes, Jayden!!!' could be heard causing Marla to blush profusely. "Actually he's out at the hardware store right now picking up the soundproofing. Terra started that up about three hours after you left." Skarla and her Kitten walked past the screen, holding each other up as they laughed to keep from falling.

Trance covered his mouth with a hand to hide his smirk as Kara and Aurora did their absolute best to keep from cracking up. "Th-that's ok-kay mom. I'll just s-send this 'girl to the Pokécenter. Can you have dad call me after he picks her up?"

Marla's blush faded slowly as she nodded. "Sure thing sweetie."

Trance ended the call and, almost immediately, Kara and Aurora fell to the ground in near hysterics, leaving Larix and Seria on the bed, completely lost.

"I think we may have missed something," Larix mumbled in Seria's ear as she watched the pokégirl's rolling on the floor. Seria only nodded and curled back up in the fire pokégirl's lap.

17:37 June 30th 312AS, Cherry Grove Commercial District

Trance walked out of a shop into the sweltering mid-summer heat carrying several large bags, closely followed by his four girls, each carrying bags of their own, and talking excitedly amongst themselves. After selling the ferals to a nearby ranch, the group had decided to go on a shopping spree. Trance had a few items he needed to pick up to replenish what had been used during the trip into town and had given the girls each 10,000 credits they could use to buy anything they wanted.

Kara bought some new makeup and a few outfits, Larix purchased some new outfits for herself, and Aurora had gotten Trance to buy her a base model pokedex with an e-reader system so she could study different breeds and their attacks, as well as a few medical text programs for the device she could look over in her free time. Seria however, had opted for a small pack of her own, and to save the rest of the money for a later date.

Trance sighed and leaned against the building, hiding in the shadows to avoid the sun's rays. "What do you four say to an early dinner? It's gotta be at least 80 out here, and this heat's killing me."

Seria nodded slowly and leaned against the wall beside Trance, resting her head on his shoulder and panting slightly. She didn't mind warm weather, but the humidity was starting to get to her, and her fur wasn't helping much.

"That's good with us," Aurora said as she finished inputting her user data and stored the device on her hip before stretching. She never really liked humidity herself since it didn't do much good for her hair, but she could tell Seria was beginning to overheat. "We should get you two out of the sun anyway."

Larix snorted and cracked her neck. "Lightweights. This is barely warm."

Kara giggled and poked the Torchchick in the side causing her to squeak. "To you maybe, but you're forgetting a very crucial fact. Seria has fur, and Trance is just an enhanced human. Too much heat can be bad for them."

Larix rolled her eyes and poked Kara in the forehead. "I didn't forget anything clown girl."

Kara was about to retort when Trance coughed signaling the pair to stow it. "Alright you two, let's find some place to get out of the sun. I'm more of a fan of ambient heat then direct heat."

Larix grinned and began walking off down the street. "Come on then. There's a place down this way I went to a few times before my threshold. They've got pretty decent food and don't mind our kind."

Trance looked between his girls and shrugged before the group began following the fire-type down the road.

The group walked down the main street of Cherry Grove, looking at various shops before they came across a large group of street vendors. One shop in particular caught Seria's eye. The Eva grabbed Trance by the shoulder and drug him towards it.

Trance laughed when he realized what kinds of wares this particular vendor had, and laughed harder upon seeing the man's look of horror at the bouncy female moving s fast as she could towards the stand.

"I am sorry sir," the evolution stone vendor said as he saw Trance eye an angel stone in a special case atop the main displays. "I can not sell you that stone seeing as you have an Eva."

Trance looked away from the oddly glowing stone and shook his head with a smile."That's not a problem. I don't have a girl to use it on anyway."

While her tamer was talking to the man, Seria looked over the display of stones. There were all sorts of rocks that would make her more useful to her tamer. The Eva wanted nothing more then to please the male, seeing him as the greatest person on the face of the planet, and that didn't even have anything to do with her bond either. She had never met another human as kind as him, and was certain she would have been in trouble if he hadn't come by when he did.

Trance spotted the stone his pokegirl was looking at. It was fairly unremarkable, but he instantly recognized it as a Moon Shard.

"Ahh... the young one seems to have a good eye for stones. I just found that one this very morning. Quite a lovely stone, wouldn't you agree?" the vendor asked as he watched the glint in the girl's eye.

Seria nodded her head, causing Trance to laugh. "It is nice," he said as he gently pulled his Eva away from the display, "but I think I'll keep her like this for the time being. I think she's perfect as is."

Seria purred softly as she was pulled gently backwards into her tamer's embrace.

"As you wish," the vendor said somewhat sadly as the pair began to walk away. "Come back any time you wish to evolve her though."

Trance waved back at the man as he rejoined his harem outside a small restaurant.

"Hurry up already! I'm hungry!" Larix wined as Seria and Trance walked up.

"Alright, alright. Lets go in."

06:20 June 31st 312AS, Cherry Grove Pokécenter

"Rise and shine ladies! We've got a big day ahead of us."

"I'm gonna kill him," Groaned Kara as she rolled over and buried her head in a pillow.

Larix opened an eye partway before flipping the male off and rolling over similarly to the tired Trixie beside her.

Seria however jumped to her feet and gave Trance a kiss causing him to laugh.

"Goody goody," Larix grumbled as she tried to hide further in the blankets.

Trance sighed and pulled the girl's pokéballs off his belt. "I'll give you till the count of three. Then if you aren't up, I'll put you all in your pokéballs and then let you out over an ice cold swimming pool."

Aurora was instantly up and getting dressed. Kara and Larix however remained in bed. Kara looked up at Trance with a death glare. "You wouldn't dare."

"Oh really?" Trance said as he enlarged the orbs in his hands. "I made friends with a guy three rooms down and his rather attractive Hoarfoxx. They think a cold bath is exactly what you two hot heads need in the morning."

Larix glared at Trance with as much intensity and hatred as she could possibly muster into one look. "Why the hell should we get up this early? It's only," She looked at the clock and her eyes grew wider, "YOU'RE INSANE! It's not even 6:30 yet!"

Kara looked at the clock and groaned. "Oh no..."

"Oh yes. We're training today. I wanna get to it before it gets too hot outside for Seria to be comfortable, "Trance explained, to which Seria nuzzled his neck, her tail waving behind her slowly.

"Piss off," Larix growled before being absorbed by the pokéball.

Kara looked at Trance with huge eyes. "You aren't actually going to do it are you?"

The young tamer grinned and placed Larix' ball on his belt. "No, but she is gonna have to get dressed in public now.

Aurora giggled as she tossed Kara her clothes and began collecting the Torchchick's. "She's gonna be one mad birdy. Well... either that or embarrassed."

Seria nodded and grabbed her small bag, throwing it over her shoulder and standing by the door.

"Something tells me she's ready to leave," Kara giggled as she zipped her new, blue Jumpsuit over her bright green bra and panties. Trance just smiled and made sure his pokédex was in it's proper pocket before heading out the door.


Out in the courtyard, Trance released a still fuming Larix before handing the nude female her clothes. Upon realizing she was still very much naked, the girl instantly from a deep red of rage to a vibrant pink before running into a nearby bush and dressing with a speed that would put a Sonica to shame.

"Alright girls," the overly cheery male began as soon as the Torchchick returned from her bush, "We're gonna just see what you all can do before I try to figure out how to train you."

Seria raised her hand excitedly and waved it furiously.

"Alright, alright. You can go first," Trance said causing the Eva to begin clapping her paws together before skipping off to the spot that her absolute favorite person in the world had set up the sparing dummies.

The female took a deep breath and calmed herself down as she tried to figure out what exactly to do. She didn't have many attacks thanks to her type, but what she lacked in elements, she made up for with speed. She was about to leap at one dummy, but thought for another moment and pointed at Kara.

"What?" the Trixie asked as she looked around. "You wanna spar with me?"

Seria nodded happily and looked up at stance.

Kara looked over at the tamer who shrugged. "If she wants to fight you, then I say go ahead. Her type isn't really very well suited for static opponents anyway."

Kara nodded in response and jumped into the air, doing a front flip, before landing in a crouch in front of the Eva. "Bring it on." She kicked of again, this time using her Quick Attack to gain speed and swung a right hook at the Eva's stomach. After years of training with Trance and his mother, she could more then compensate for the difference in speed.

At least she thought she could.

Seria smiled to herself and combined a Quick Attack with her dodge, blurring to the right as Kara's fist came within millimeters of the Eva's brown fur. Kara looked to her right a split second before being hit hard in the ribs by the Eva's right foot, the speed of the kick adding quite a bit of force causing the Trixie to flip backwards and land on her back ten feet away.

As soon as she hit the ground, she used her momentum to flip herself backwards and skid a few more feet on one knee. She grinned slightly and righted herself, dusting off her knee and cracking her neck. "That the best you got? Come on, let's see what you can do."

Seria nodded and used another quick attack, this time charging the Trixie and swinging her left fist at her Alpha's voluptuous chest. Kara spun, managing to avoid the attack and swing her foot around in a round house kick. The attack connected with Seria's shoulder blades and sent her flying towards the large tree that was nearby. Luckily for the Eva, thanks to the placement of the kick, she managed to flip enough to land sideways on the tree, flat on her feet, before jumping and flying through the air, aimed directly at a very surprised Kara.

She used another Quick Attack and swung her right fist as she flew past the Trixie. The speed of the Eva streaking through the air, combined with the speed of the punch and Seria's mass quickly became a formidable force. Seria's fist connected hard with the Amachamp trained female, sending her flying backwards into the wall of the Pokécenter, knocking the air out of her as her back slammed into the cement wall.

Kara fell to a knee, coughing as her lungs tried to work properly. Seria however landed and charged the Alpha again.

"Enough!" Trance called causing Seria to trip on her own feet in an attempt to obey, landing on her face a few feet from Kara who looked down and giggled, cut off occasionally by a cough. "That was very good Seria. You okay Kara?"

The Dark type nodded in affirmation before she reached down and took Seria's hand to help her up. The Eva smiled sheepishly as Kara brushed a few pieces of grass off Seria's cheek.

Trance opened his pokédex and typed something in before closing the device and looking at Larix. "You're up. Show me what you can do."

Larix stretched slightly and cracked her knuckles before strutting over to the dummies. She took a deep breath and centered herself before forming a fist with her right hand and igniting it. "Hope these are fireproof," she mumbled to herself and dove at one, hitting it hard sending it flying across the lawn as it burst into flame. The Fire type then jumped straight up and unleashed an ember on the flaming dummy, pelting the object with a solid attack and landing noiselessly 'behind' one of the dummies. She spun in place and hit low, causing the thing to spin in mid air before being slammed by another flaming punch that sent it careening towards the third dummy, both objects igniting simultaneously.

But she was just getting started.

Larix turned on the final two dummies and blasted them with a Flamethower as powerful as she could possibly create, sending the dummies flying backwards into a fountain where they were extinguished. But this simply wouldn't do, so she charged the fountain and charged up another Flamethower, intending to destroy both the dummies, as well as the fountain.

"Time!" yelled Trance who saw what was about to happen. Her tamer's voice caused the girl to stop in her tracks and swallow the attack, turning around to look at the male who was walking towards her. "Nice job love," he said as he walked towards her, "We just need to work on your control."

Larix shrugged and walked back towards the others. As she neared the group, Trance heard someone beginning to pant slightly, turning to see Seria beginning to look rather uncomfortable. "You alright?"

Seria just smiled and continued to pant, her breathing becoming heavier as Larix closed in.

At this point, Trance realized the sun was beginning to peak into the courtyard. He thought for a moment before snapping his fingers, unintentionally getting his Harem's attention.

"What's up hun?" Aurora asked as she looked away from an interestingly shaped cloud.

Trance looked up and grinned. "I have an errand to run real quick. I'll be back in about an hour, so till then you've got a break. You're free to do whatever you want, just don't destroy anything expensive."

The harem nodded and Trance turned to run off into town.

"Great," Larix said as she headed back towards the front door of the Pokécenter, "I'm going back to bed."

08:23 June 31st 312AS , Unknown Location

A small group kneels around a large throne, the figure sitting upon the stone seat slowly rubbing her chin as a new creature appears and bows low at her feet.

"Well? Have you found it?" the female asks the creature which bows again and produces a dark red stone about the size of a normal human's head.

"Wonderful. Place it in my quarters so that I may examine it. I must make absolutely certain this is the gem we have been searching for." The creature bows and shifts to it's less monstrous, shadow-like form before leaving the group.

"Surroni!" the one on the throne called out.

A rather tall female appears before her Mistress, her head bowed slightly, the perfect image of a loyal serf.

"Yes Madame."

The leader looks the girl over before speaking again. "Find me a male. It is nearly time for me to tamed again."

"Yes Mistress," the girl says and teleports away.

The woman looks over the rest of the group and growls slightly before standing up, the faint light from outside lighting the lower half of her face and the exposed parts of her breasts, the two-toned skin nearly reflecting the light on her right side and absorbing it on her left. "Well? What are you fools waiting for? You have your orders, now go!"

Every creature in the room cowers slightly as the far more powerful female glares at each of them in turn, causing them all to disburse rapidly. Once the last cowering shape had gone, the woman to begins laughing to herself, her cackle resounding throughout the empty room.

12:05 June 31st 312AS, Cherry Grove Pokécenter

Seria sat across the table in their room from Kara, who was now in only her brightly colored underwear.

"You know," Kara began calmly as she undid her bra, "I think this may be the first game of strip poker I've ever lost."

Aurora looks up from her spot on Larix' back, the Nursejoy now almost halfway through her first medical journal. "That's not true. You lost to me in the 7th grade."

Kara giggled and dealt another hand, losing with incredible speed, before standing up and sliding off her bright green and blue thong, handing the prize to the excited Eva.

Larix broke concentration from her push-ups for a moment, laying on the floor and panting slightly, to look over at the two just as Kara fell to her knees and slid between Seria's legs to begin giving the girl her reward. "How in the world did you lose a game like that to a nudist?"

Kara giggled and looked back at Larix before licking the Eva's essence off her lower lip. "I have no idea, but I honestly can't complain. This girl is as sweet as a Sugar Kitten and wetter then a Feraligarter."

Larix sighed and resumed her excises, pausing only a moment to allow Aurora to adjust her position before pushing onward. "I'll have to take your word on that," she grunted between reps.

A few minutes later, Trance opened the door holding a bag. "Hey girl's. I'm ba-" as he looked from Larix to the table, he noticed Kara's bright blue hair bobbing between the Eva's thighs, along with the Trixie's clothes strewn about around the table, and Seria with a very pleased look on her face. He was about to say something else when Seria began convulsing in orgasmic bliss, her mouth opening as far as it possibly could, her throat releasing a small squeak instead of what from any other girl would have been a scream of pure pleasure.

After another few moments, Kara stood up licking her lips and kissed Seria lightly before taking her panties from the Squirrel-Fox's grasp and sauntering over to her tamer, giving him a very deep kiss, sliding her tongue past his lips to allow him to taste of his Eva.

"Mmm... I'll have to try that from the source later," he chuckled as the clown girl broke the kiss and peeked in the bag, which he promptly pulled away. "Ah ah ah, wait your turn missy," he said with a grin, earning himself a rather confused look from every girl in the room. Trance set the bag down on the table and pointed to a spot in front of him. "Alright you four, line up. I've got goodies."

Aurora and Larix calmly stood up and walked to the spot Trance was pointing as Kara jumped up an down happily, her large freed chest bouncing wildly in front of her. Seria however remained in her seat, eyes closed, with her chest heaving slightly.

"I think she's a little over heated," Kara giggled to which Aurora nodded.

"Well then," the black haired tamer said happily as he dug through the bag and pulled out a wide black box, "I guess she'll be the first to receive her gift." He walked over behind the Eva and pulled whatever was in the box out before wrapping it around the girl's neck and fastening it.

Seria sat up slightly and heard a jingle come from just below her chin. She was suddenly feeling like she wasn't gonna melt into a puddle on the floor and looked up at Trance curiously.

Trance grinned as Kara and Aurora gasped at the sight of the collar now around Seria's neck. "A collar?" Kara said out loud, feeling a small pang of jealousy that the newcomer now had a collar.

"It's a cooling collar, isn't it?" Aurora asked, earning her a nod from Trance.

Larix however, was doing her best to keep herself from bursting into a fit of laughter. "Wh-what's w-with the b-b-bell?"

Seria cocked her head to the side causing the rather large silver bell to jingle causing her to giggle silently, her bouncing chest causing the bell to jingle more and more. She suddenly jumped from her seat and tackled Trance, a slight purr coming from her as she rubbed her head affectionately against her tamer's chest, each movement causing the bell to jingle some more.

Trance laughed and gently pushed the Eva up so he could stand again. "Alright alright, I'm glad you like it. But, right now I think we should give the other three their gifts, doncha think?"

Seria nodded her head vigorously causing the bell to jingle loudly, and forcing Larix to fall to the floor in a fit of laughter.

Trance smiled and reached into the bag to pull out another box, this one smaller then the last. He opened it and and grabbed his fuming Trixie's wrist before placing a small bracelet on it.

Kara looked at the silver colored trinket with slight confusion. "A bracelet?"

Trance nodded. "Yep. It's got an anti capture device in it like Seria's collar." He gently kissed the girl and released her arm. "Can't be having you girls running off now can we?"

Kara giggled and kissed Trance deeply, her jealousy quickly turning into guilt, causing her to blush slightly. Luckily for the Trixie, the oblivious tamer was too preoccupied with Aurora's gift (a bracelet nearly identical to Kara's) to notice the color change.

Once he was sure Aurora's bracelet was secure, he turned to Larix and pulled out what looked like a smaller, dark blue version of Seria's collar. “Give me your foot please,” he said, earning him a confused look from the fire girl.

“Why?”she asked as her talons dug lightly at the floor below her.

Trance laughed.”Because, it's an ankle bracelet. I figured it'd be a bit more comfortable then a normal bracelet and you probably wouldn't appreciate a collar the way Seria does.” At the mention of the Eva's name Trance jerked his head back in her direction. Seria however was completely oblivious to the pair as she was quite busy jumping from Kara and Aurora, examining their wrists, and causing the small silver bell to jingle as much as possible.

Larix looked over at the three and back to Trance before taking a seat and slowly lifting her foot. “Why would you bother getting me anything? I've only been in your Harem for three days.”

Trance thought for a moment as he secured the device around the female's leg. He was quite glad he had picked the appropriate color to match her outfit. “Well, Seria's only been in it for about a day longer then you, so why wouldn't I get you something?”

Larix shook her head at the male's response. “Her collar was a necessity, and from what the others have told me, you've known the Kara and Aurora for years. Why get me anything?”

Trance stood from his kneeling position and leaned in to kiss the Torchchick softly. “Because, you are now my family, and I have to do my best to keep you four safe.”

Larix couldn't believe what she had heard. She was... family? She had only known this boy for a few days, and yet he was already considering her...

Larix was unable to finish her train of thought as Trance clapped his hands together getting the attention of the other three giggling girls. “Alright ladies, who's ready to get back to training?”

12:45 June 34th 312AS, Cherry Grove Gym

Trance and Kara stood outside the facility, admiring the designs of the architecture as they prepared to enter.

“Alright, you ready to try for our first Gym badge?” Trance asked his ever bubbly Trixie.

Kara looked over at her best friend and grinned wide. “What? You think I'm afraid of a few bugs?”

Trance chuckled and walked forward, opening the door for his alpha and following close behind. They reached the front desk and, what he could only guess was an Ingenue, greeted them with a small smile. “Welcome to the Cherry Grove Gym. How may I help you?”

Trance smiled in return and set his pokédex on the counter. “I would like to battle one of the leaders,” he said bluntly causing the girl to giggle slightly.

“Of course, sir. One moment please.” The female took Trance's pokédex and connected it to her computer before typing any missing information and handing the black device back. “Unfortunately, today most of the Llalers are out of town on business, so there is only one here watching the gym. As you can see there are already a few tamers in line so your match is scheduled to begin in a few hours. Is this alright with you?”

Trance nodded in affirmation and pocketed his pokédex. “I will return in two then,” he said and turned to leave. He looked around as he walked and noticed a few older tamers scattered about the lobby. One looked like he had been waiting for quite a while as he had fallen asleep with his Gojilli resting on his chest.

The pair re-entered the sunlight and Trance immediately placed his shades back on his face, Kara doing the same with her own pair of dark purple tinted glasses. “So, where should we go?” Trance asked his alpha as they wandered towards the outdoor market.

“Let's grab some lunch before the match,” Kara replied absently as a rather interesting painting had caught her eye.

Trance nodded and pointed towards a small café. “We haven't gone there yet, wanna check it out?”

Kara giggled cutely and nudged him slightly with her hip. “Your call baby. Remember, you're the tamer, not me.”

Trance chuckled and scratched the back of his head as they continued walking. He really needed to start remembering that.


"And what would you like 'sug?" The waitress asked Seria, who began miming and jingling causing the poor Khangasscunt to look at the tamer helplessly, causing the girls to giggle.

"She would like a salad with nuts and berries," Trance said with a soft smile. The waitress wrote down the last of the order and hopped off to hand it to the kitchen.

Trance sat back and looked out the window when he noticed several people running down the street.

Aurora noticed this too and watched their faces. "I wonder what they're running from," she said just before a tremendous explosion went off causing a shock wave that shook the building and knocked several people over.

Before the ground had finished shaking, Trance had bolted from the table and was sliding out the front door. "Oh sh*t."

Bios and Tamer Status

Trance Havok - 19 y.o. Always ready for either good fun or a good fight, but has yet to truly embrace the fact that he calls the shots.

Trance's Harem:

Kara - Trixie (Alpha): Aurora's best friend, and Harem Alpha. Has a bad habit of getting jealous occasionally, and is always ready for a fight.

Seria - Eva: Absolutely ADORES Trance. Super friendly, but is always more then ready to prove her worth to her favorite person on the planet... Trance!

Larix - Torch Chick: Hot headed little fighter that she is, she actually does have a sweet side. Has quickly warmed up to the harem, specifically Seria and Trance.

Aurora - Nursejoy (Non-combatant): May only be 19, but she's definitely the most mature of the group. Always trying to learn new ways of healing injuries to keep her best friends, and Harem sisters, safe.

SLC: 2,143,000

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