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Life's Pleasures is a place where you just live and do what makes life pleasurable: blogging, drawing, role playing, writing, etc.

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Hello Hello~

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1Hello Hello~ Empty Hello Hello~ on Sun Dec 06, 2009 3:43 am


Here's mine!

1. Crystal
2. Bubbles
3. 17 (nearly 18!)
4. Female
5. Purple
6. Spongebob Squarepants
7. Stir Fry
8. Likes: Role playing, reading romance novels, movies, painting/drawing, school and work.
Dislikes: Sports, mushrooms, thongs, socks (depending on how cold it is), yams and bratty siblings.
9. Pirate
10. What did the digital clock say to his Mom?

Harrow! I'm Crystal! I'm currently a red/brown haired, bubbly girl, but I used to be a blonde one! Thought I'd mix it up a bit! I love love love role playing because I think it's definitely a way of creating a bond between the players due to the plot of a story, etc. This is actually my second website but the first one never really got finished due to a busy schedule and lack of knowledge of how to set it up. rabbit I sincerely hope you enjoy yourselves and not to hesitate contacting me with any questions/comments/concerns or advice you might have for me. I love you

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